doune-castle-outlanderbtsMy impetus for this site? Chris Albrecht of Starz had a vision: to create shows for existing fan bases- Outlander being one. The Outlander fan base is intelligent, sophisticated, and knows its subject matter. In my opinion, the media and industry coverage is not yet in synch with Mr. Albrecht’s vision, and there is a chasm between what fans want and what the media is offering in terms of coverage, content and depth. My goal with this site is to bridge that gap and help move the coverage of this project and everything that surrounds it to a deeper, more satisfying level for all involved: the fans, the artists, and the media providers. Will it resonate? That remains to be seen. The mission of this site is to offer quality original and curated content that respects the integrity, intelligence and dignity of the artists and of the people who provide and consume it– in short, all parties.

Courtney Williams

courtI’m Courtney Williams, originator of this site. I’ve been an Outlander fan since 2006, when Mom introduced me to the book series. When I first saw the TV Guide cover heralding Outlander’s visual adaptation, I thought no way, this is going to stink. I later stumbled on Starz’ free offering of Episode 1 on a rare occasion when I was home alone. I hunkered down and watched, prepared to be disappointed, remote in hand, ready to switch it off. As I watched, I began to relax, and then I began to get excited. Really really excited… as I took in the acting, the landscape, the costumes, the casting, the sets, the music, the Gaelic, the cinematography, Scotland, EVERYTHING. It was so beautiful in every way, I couldn’t believe my senses. In short order, I was hooked (I know, you too- a familiar tale).

After that, I started looking for information about the show. I caught wind of a Twitter Q & A with Caitriona and Sam, and said to my husband, “Help! I need a Twitter account!” That was Sept 2014, and since then, I’ve been to Scotland four times(!), I’ve attended Paleyfest in LA, The Gathering in Cologne, Starfury in London, ScotCon in Edinburgh, ECCC2017, a Denver talk and book signing by Diana Gabaldon, and Season 2 Premiere events in NYC. I’ve made Outlander connections and friends all over the world via Twitter and in person: artists and enthusiasts alike. In short, I’ve gone nuts. And through my exposure to this creation and its people, Diana Gabaldon being chief among them, my passion for traveling, writing, photography, and multimedia story telling has been revived. In this way, Outlander has actually become part of my life (also not a unique experience, I know).

Please enjoy OutlanderBTS.com. I provide interviews and behind the scenes content sourced from OutlanderBTS.com in addition to providing links to other great content. If you have a request for certain information or a particular interview, please let me know either via email (courtney@outlanderbts.com) or in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to provide it for you.


Courtney Williams

logo-outlanderI chose the Celtic knot as the symbol in my logo. Celtic knots started appearing in history after about 450 AD. They are endless paths that represent eternity- this can be in love, faith, loyalty, or friendship. Celtic knots with more than a single path interwoven can be seen as metaphors for life and the interweaving of lives. They are frequently referred to as “love knots.” This symbol resonates for me personally and in relation to Outlander.