Watch Cait & Sam LIVE in Seattle at ECCC, TOMORROW 3/3, Here’s How…

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

If you’re unable to hop on a plane just now to be at the Emerald City Comicon, don’t worry! You can still go! Here’s your ticket: YOUR TICKET 😊. Click “View Main Stage” once you’re there.

Cait and Sam will be “on” the Main Stage Livestream at 11:00AM Pacific time, so don’t be late!

I will be there covering the event, and meeting Cait for the first time (woo hoo!). A big shout out to ECCC employee Rhiannon, who came through with a HUGE customer service glove save today! She will be helping me bring you a full report of this event.💪

Note: If you plan to watch the ECCC Livestream on your phone or IPad, you’ll need to download Twitch App from the App Store. Fingers crossed that this app is ready for the onslaught that is OUTLANDER FAN TRAFFIC!

See you tomorrow, I’ll be the one who looks like this, except the camera will be in front of my face! 




14 comments on “Watch Cait & Sam LIVE in Seattle at ECCC, TOMORROW 3/3, Here’s How…

  1. Thank you so much Courtney for sharing this! For those of us who could not attend, this was the next best thing!

  2. I watched the entire broadcast. Unfortunately, could not hear it due to speaker issue. Is this recorded somewhere?

    Can’t wait to read/see your posts for the entire ECCC with our fav star!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. Loved live streaming EECC Sam Heughan & Caitrena Balfe . Wouldn’t of ben able to accomplish this with out the help. It’s as close as I’ll ever be able to get . To these two adorable people.

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