Black Jack Randall 👀, Frank 😴, Roger & Bree❤️, Colum💪, Geneva 😮, Ross, & Gwyllyn the Bard 🎶… The Gathering2018

Photo: Just Jared, TCA Press Tour.

Update: Elke has had to cancel this convention due to a severe illness in the family. If you are a Patron and this cancellation affects you, please contact me at I look forward to a return to health for Elke’s family, and to her next wonderful venture.

Wow, the lineup for this year’s The Gathering2018 in Cologne, Germany, is fantastic!! Tobias Menzies, who does very few conventions, will be there, along with fan favorite Richard Rankin, plus the only child of Jamie and Claire, Sophie Skelton. WONDERFUL Gary Lewis, Willie’s mum, Hannah James (if I’m not mistaken this will be her first appearance), and long time favorites Gillebride MacMillan, who will treat you to his voice like honey, and Scott Kyle, who played Ross in S2, and hosts the wonderful annual Highlander Fling.

I have been to my fair share of conventions, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this one. It’s laid back and fun, with lots of opportunities for relaxed interaction with the artists. Elke, who runs the convention, manages to create a casual atmosphere, while treating the artists, fans and her staff with consideration and care. 

I am partnering with Elke to offer my Patrons a special package for this convention. If you are interested in becoming a Patron, Click HERE: PATRON. Details will be emailed to Patrons about this convention package as well as other great Outlander opportunities.

           What is this?


If you are interested, act soon. Since the announcement of Tobias Menzies, tickets are going fast. 

But aside from Tobias, really, why not go just to get your photo done with Richard, like these from last year 😂

More information about The Gathering 2018: 


Tickets do not include meals. Payments are accepted via Paypal and wire transfers. Purchases at the convention are cash only. Tickets may be paid for via installments.Tickets are non refundable after purchase, but they are transferable to another person. Tickets will be sent via email, once payment is received. Tickets may be purchased under the “Produkte/Products” section of The Gathering site. It’s recommended to make purchases in advance, but activities with space left will be available for cash purchase at the event. 

Artist Cancellations:

All Guest appearances are subject to work commitments. If you book your ticket only for a certain Guest, please be aware that you will not get a refund, if the Guest has to cancel his/her appearance. Also Photo-, Autograph- and special activity Vouchers for a certain Guest will not be refunded. But you can transfer them to other Guests, as long as they are available. Organizer tries to find suitable replacement.

This is a big one. My first year at The Gathering (2016), Sam was scheduled to appear, and my ticket was my *big* Christmas present from my husband. I was crestfallen when he cancelled due to a work commitment, but I went anyway, and had a FABULOUS time. This can happen, but Elke works hard to replace cancelled guests with other Outlander artists. 

Weekend Events/Activities:

What happens during the weekend? Multiple Q&A panels with different combinations of artists, Photo sessions, Autograph sessions, Cocktail reception (so fun!), Meet and Greets (where you get to interact with the actors in small groups), + other activities included with the price of your ticket, TBA

Is it in English or will I be like 🤔:

Even though this convention takes place in Germany, since the artists speak english, the whole weekend takes place in english, with translations thrown in here or there. 

How does seating work at group activities?

VIP tickets have reserved seats in the front row. The other ticket holders will be seated in numbered rows, the earlier you book, the closer to the stage you are sitting according to your category of ticket.

If you have questions for me regarding the Patron package, leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Thanks! And thanks to those who are already Patrons! You will receive an email with details soon. I appreciate you so! Hope to see you all at The Gathering 2018!



4 comments on “Black Jack Randall 👀, Frank 😴, Roger & Bree❤️, Colum💪, Geneva 😮, Ross, & Gwyllyn the Bard 🎶… The Gathering2018

  1. Interesting that they invite Hannah considering she was only in one episode granted I know how important her one ep role was . She sure didn’t seem to get the issues folks had with her character even after ep aired so I can just imagine what she’ll say at The Gathering.

    • Hmmm is this regarding the way the scene was handled in the book? She’s very young, and the scene was handled differently in the show, so we’ll see.

  2. Well, I was trying not to even consider this one, since I’ve had the good fortune to meet the guests at other events. But now with Richard AND Tobias, and your assurance it’s a well-run event, it sure is tempting. I’d love to get more info about what a patron package might include, and what level of giving is needed to be eligible. Thanks!

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