A Belated Happy Mothers’ Day to You!

Artwork by Vera Adxer, Ms. Gabaldon, the mother of Outlander.

Here’s to the mothers everywhere! Including, the mother of Outlander, who is both a mother and a grandmother, and such a generous soul.

I was busy celebrating with my own family yesterday, so I’m just getting this out now. What did you do to celebrate??

I am thankful to all the mothers in my life, some of whom have children, and some don’t, who have helped shape me into the person I am today, and continue to be my community. Ditto for my children. Every person really does need a village, and mothers are the heart.

For special occasions, I always ask for dates with my kids, homemade cards, art they’ve created, or something they’ve written, as those are the things I truly treasure. Yesterday I made maps to a picnic at a local nature preserve, and broke them up into teams – 12 year old + hubby, 16 year old + dog. It turns out I am no cartographer ?, but when they finally did find me, we had a wonderful picnic together in nature. Last night we played Sorry, (I came in dead last, and didn’t care), and then went for a swim. My dream day. Our 16-year-old son gave this to me last night. I’m so lucky!

Below is a wee tear jerker/promo from Outlander Starz. I can’t wait to see all the family moments coming up in Season 5.

Here’s to mothers everywhere! Without them (us) none of us would be here!  Blessings to you. xo

12 comments on “A Belated Happy Mothers’ Day to You!

  1. Such a lovely son! I was glad my 35 year old daughter remembered to say something…much love to you and all fellow mom’s.

  2. Hi Courtney, I am not a mom but I think that your son summed up very well who you are in my opinion. Again thanks for all the work you do on Outlander BTS

  3. Hi Courtney,
    what an amazing letter! I almost cried during reading…. so much love – so so happy for you! That shows what a great mom you are.
    I really wish, that my daughters will write me such a beautiful letter, when they grew older ?.
    Take care – Martina

    PS: it is Monday – where have you been ??! It was just my notebook & me – no new episode discussion ?. (We spoke about that on twitter – hier_Martina).

  4. Good evening Courtney,
    I always read your posts with pleasure. They are great.
    No mother’s day for me though. Never celebrated that. Funny, my father never accepted it. He called it a “forced” celebration. For him, every day was a specal mother’s day. He was far away when she died but he had such a respect and admiration for her; it was still there when he spoke of her to me and told me how her life had been difficult with 8 children. The same for my mother. He taught me that I had to love and cherish her as much as I could! For my father in law it was more or less the same thing and for my husband also. We never had imposed days for the purpose of mother-celebration because every day was THE DAY! I never missed it and gladly accepted the little things made by my sons at school; but during the year they had small attentions for their mama… A flower here, a drawing there, a story to tell me, a goose feather found in the garden, a special hugh because we had talked about school or friends, a poem discovered in a book, some present carved in wood – I still have them – or a pebble found in the lake. And this from January to December, without special days. I am a lucky mother. My sons still love me, from a distance, but sometimes when they call or visit there is a special spark for me in their eyes, the squeezing of my hand for a little longer, a present from Hong-Kong or fruit from France… And I am happy, because I celebrate mother’s day every time they come or call!
    But, thank you for your writing. That is also part of my happiness.

    • Ah, Diane, I love this. Boys DO dote on their moms don’t they? As we dote on them. And then my daughter and I have a very special, different bond. I agree that it’s important to express love every day, (not just the Hallmark holidays!), and we do here as well. But I so loved reading about your expressions of love from your boys, young and adult. Thank you. You are part of my happiness too. xo

  5. A beautiful digital artwork of Diana Gabaldon/Outlander – a treasure. The Mother’s Day note above really pulled at the heart. What a wonderful son! – That is heartfelt appreciation the most important person in his life (His Mom). Thank you for sharing the above.

  6. Hi Courtney,
    Life’s been busy for some weeks, that’s why I barely have time to write. But I always read avidly your posts and retweets, which range from profound thoughts to funny and cheeky comments, through informative pieces of infomation or observations. I love how you use language!
    No wonder your son wrote such a lovely letter to you, he knows you well. You’re a caring, beautiful person inside out, you and your husband are raising a wonderful family.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely group you have there. Enjoyed reading your posts. Hope to hear of some of the – other holiday traditions from you and your group. Happy holidays season to you all.

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