A Little Fersali for your Friday!

Could these two be any cuter? No. The answer is no. They are simply adorable, and I am here for the Fersali spin off! 

Enjoy this “How Well Do You Know Your Co-star” video… (thanks Starz!)



Be sure and check out my Season 6 Filming Wraps, Overcoming Unprecedented Challenges post, if you haven’t yet. 

And coming up…

I’m still working on this fun Where are they now?  post. I’ve been catching up with lots of Outlander cast and crew from Seasons 1-5, and I’ll be updating you soon. 

I hope you are very well this Friday (or Saturday). xo

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6 comments on “A Little Fersali for your Friday!

  1. Courtney!! I believe that this co-stars Q&A is the best one EVER!!!!!! Thanks for posting it! I just love Ce’sarand Lauren’s ease with each other and when Ce’sar said they love each other my heart burst!! Many heart emojis!!!!!!!

  2. I always love and appreciate your keeping us updated on all things Outlander. I find Lauren and Cèsar adorable together. Their chemistry is so much fun on and off screen. I have met Lauren and find her a lot of fun with fans. I have yet to meet Cèsar and hope to when this pandemic is behind us. I am still hoping for a Starfury Highlander next year. Who will be able to join us is the big question. I hope to see you there too.


    Nancy T

    • Nancy – great to see your comment. Want great memories from Starfury (I only went to the first one), I’d love to see you at a future Starfury – how fortunate we would feel! xo

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