10 comments on “A Wee Bit Of Roger and Breeeee

    • Hi Marli,

      Most Facebook videos these days are muted by default. Are you able to see the speaker icon at the bottom right? You should be able to unmute it there and adjust the volume. If you can’t see it, would you mind telling me what device you’re using? Also, you might try switching browsers (if you are on Safari, try Chrome, etc). Let me know how it goes…

  1. Sorry but my FB site shows only their picture in front of a log cabin fireplace. Went to actual Starz site…nothing again but their picture. I’ll check with the newsletter on my e-mail site,

  2. Liked them. Funny both. And yes, he has a terrible accent. Have to get used to it. But of course I am only an “outlander” from Belgium. Sorry.

    • Agree with you 100%. Hurry up Season 4 – Drums of Autumn. We’ll get to see more of Brianna and Roger and everyone else.

  3. I love Outlander ~ even visited Scotland and most of Outlander sites, and I couldn’t wait for new episodes to start. But I want to express my disappointment with the music (America the Beautiful) playing during the killing and robbery by Steven Bonet !! This was not necessary and was not a message that I appreciate. Would love to hear what others thought of this ?????

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