Alexander Vlahos Heads to Scotland

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Eagle eyed Outlander fans spotted reports on social media by Alex Vlahos, best known for playing Philippe, Duke of Orléans, in the television series Versailles, that he recently traveled to Glasgow for a new “top secret” role. Richard Rankin responded with an invitation for tea, and minds started spinning. Could he be playing a role in Season 6 of Outlander? Hmmmm.
***SPOILERS AHEAD**** you’ve been warned.
Most of the comments I saw posited that Alex might be cast as Older William in Season 6. While he very well might pass for Geneva & Jamie’s child, with those big blue eyes, and those finely sculpted facial features, he is a bit slight for William (5’10”, 141 pounds – Sam is 6’3″ and weighs 205 lbs). And, William doesn’t make an appearance in A Breath of Snow and Ashes (ABOSAA), until very late in the story. So, *if* Season 6 follows the book (*big if), he is not likely playing William, as they generally film in order. My personal guess is, if he has indeed been cast for Season 6 of Outlander, it’s more likely for the role of Bobby Higgins. The Welshman fits the description of that character perfectly:
“Robert Higgins was a slight young man, so thin as to seem that his bones were barely held together by his clothes, and so pale that it was easy to imagine you could in fact see through him. He was, however, graced with large, candid blue eyes, a mass of wavy light-brown hair, and a shy manner that made Mrs. Bug take him at once under her wing…. I quite liked Mr. Higgins myself, he was a sweet-natured boy, with the soft accent of his native Dorset…. He’s a very pretty young man.” 
— Claire Fraser, ABOSAA
Will the character of Bobby Higgins feature in Season 6? I think so. We know that Malva will be in this season, and there will likely be some (ahem) interactions between Bobby and Malva. We also know that Claire will be tackling things “that will even challenge Claire Fraser’s medical knowledge,” according to Cait. In ABOSAA, Bobby Higgins appears in an excellent scene that covers a lot of ground, including Bobby’s attraction to both Malva and Lizzie, his premonition about Malva’s character, and Claire doing a pretty interesting experiment in her attempts to use ether. We never know exactly what will be included and what won’t, but I think this scene will be included in Season 6. There is also the subplot of Roger and Amy McCallum, (who is important in Bobby’s life later), and oh dear for Roger’s character, I think that will be in there as well. 
If Alex does play Bobby Higgins this season, that means he’ll be around for a good while (call me an optimist, but I’m planning on all 10 books going to screen 😁). His character shows up for the first time in ABOSAA (in 1773), and is in all subsequent books (Echo in the Bone & MOBY), including the one that’s coming: Bees. I don’t usually read daily lines, as I don’t like spoilers, but I caught one that mentioned Bobby Higgins…
 “Then there’s the folk who come to see Claire, too.  One of the Crombie boys came down last week, to get a remedy for a case o’ the blazing shits, and he spent so long gruntin’ and groanin’ in Bobby Higgins’ privy that the family were all havin’ to trot into the woods, and Annie wasna best pleased at the state of the privy when he left, I can tell ye.”
Daily Lines, Diana Gabaldon – Bobby sure seems to be stuck in the “anal stage” in this life! 😂
Alex Vlahos is 32 years old, just a bit younger than Cait and Sam were when they were cast (33), which means he has the range to play a younger Bobby, a Bobby closer to his own age, and an older Bobby. MOBY ends on June 6, 1779, and I’m assuming Bees picks up where MOBY left off. Claire is 61 at the end of MOBY (assuming aging happens linearly for time travelers), and Jamie is 58. I don’t know how many years Bees spans, but Diana has said that Jamie and Claire are in their 60’s in this book. So, whatever the case, Bobby Higgins will age 8+ years over the next 3 books.
I like to see videos of people who’ve been cast, so I thought you might too. Here is a clip of Alex, along with Rupert Young, talking about the experience of doing “long form drama” (episodic) TV, from 2019. I must admit that I do see some Sam mannerisms. 
It’s entirely possible that Alex is headed to Scotland for something other than Outlander…. but hey, it’s Droughtlander, and we’re thirsty! It’s fun to speculate… What do you guys think? Let me and others know below in the comments. 
Alexander, if you are joining the cast of Outlander, welcome aboard! You no doubt know by now that you’re joining a wonderful team of cast, crew, and producers, and we fans are a well meaning, passionate bunch; I hope you enjoy the ride 😊.
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Hang in there, be kind to yourselves. x

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27 comments on “Alexander Vlahos Heads to Scotland

  1. I also saw that Cesar Domboy is back in Glasgow at the studio getting a hand cast done. Posted today on his IG story. All good signs that season 6 is revving up! I also retweeted a story by a Scottish journalist yesterday saying that all film productions in Scotland have got the green light to go ahead and start filming!

    • Hi Joan, I haven’t seen Cesar’s post yet, thank you for the heads up. Yes, it was like a crazy news room day, the day I posted that Season 6 filming was starting amid covid, I saw the site posted that filming could continue, after going back and forth! As long as they are safe, I’m with Annette Badland, it’s important “construction!” xo

  2. Hum…. I can see Alex as adult William. NOTE: William does appear in ABOSAA, near the end. He briefly meets Bree at the dock and they make a connection. Also, the show has felt free to move story elements between books, so I don’t think we can assume they will strictly stick to the content of book 6.

    I do agree, he is a wee bit slight to be Jamie’s son. That is going to be pretty obvious when they stand near each other unless Alex stands on a riser, an old Hollywood technique.

    Yes, Bobby seems a definite possibility.

    What about Allan Christie?

    love you,
    Outlander Anatomist

    • Hello my dearest. Yes, William does appear in ABOSAA (as stated above 😁😜), but not ’til almost the end of the book, and they _do_ usually shoot in order. Covid may be changing that though.

      I hadn’t thought of Allan Christie, Carole Braun mentioned that as well, I guess it’s possible. Allan is described as having fair skin and dark hair. It’s fun to know that filming is moving forward and that this guy is likely playing someone!!!! Love you too. xoxo

  3. Cannae see him as a 19 year old William but certainly can see Alex as Bobby Higgins. Wha kens who, when, where ( faa, fan and far 😉) the storyline will take us Season 6 – jeez, the writers go stravaigin aa ower the book storyline but I’d be right surprised if William showed up. We ken the Malva storyline will feature so like yersel I think Alex might jist be cast as Bobby.
    We’re in a strict lockdown here in Scotland and travel is for essential purposes only. But in the grand scheme o things ah think Outlander might jist be deemed as essential…..jist dinnae tell oor Nicola ( the Scottish First Minister) 😆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  4. Oh! Be still my heart!! I loved him in Versailles. He’s a great actor. What a terrific addition he’d make the Outlander family if this is true!

    • He’s a spirited young guy, got a mind of his own, sensitive, and deep from what I see, and likely very talented. I am going to watch Versailles, haven’t yet. xo

  5. I’m pretty sure Nicola has a crush on Sam just like the rest of us,except Court 😆 She did make him a Goodwill Ambassador😱😘😷

    • hahahaha, probably right. I adore Sam, but funnily enough, my crush is on Jamie!!! Now, if he sat in front of me and became Jamie, I might be conflicted! 🙂

  6. ooooh! Thanks for the heads up! He’s a cutie. I’d hate it if he played creepy Allan, but someone must. Can’t wait!

  7. Philip John (writer/director) , who was involved in S1 of Outlander, has recently flown to Glasgow to film a new series called Annika and also in today’s Edinburgh Evening News the following headlines show that there is also upcoming filming in Edinburgh, so he could be connected to Outlander, or one of the other two?

    “The Princess Switch 3’s Vanessa Hudgens spends time in Edinburgh’s lockdown in ‘£1600-a-night’ Balmoral hotel suite with family”
    “Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens has been residing in a luxury suite in central Edinburgh ahead of the filming for Netflix’s The Princess Switch 3.”

  8. I fell in love with Alex when I watched Versailles, and was SO disappointed they didn’t have a 4th season. I would love to see him in a continuing role in Outlander!

    • Yes. I included that video because it speaks to his affinity for long form drama – playing Bobby Higgins would satisfy that!

  9. Other than the height and weight, I actually could see him as older William. You are right – there is something about his mannerisms that remind me of Sam. And let’s remember that Sophie (brown eyes and too short) is not close to how Diana describes her (blue eyes and BIG!). But it’s fun to speculate. As always, Courtney, thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, he has a little Sam in his mannerisms, the way he talks and holds his mouth, etc. William may be a stretch, but I do trust Suzanne Smith and team. You’re welcome :).

      • It is so fun to speculate who will be cast. The dream casting for William is very lively on FB. I don’t understand why fans always post pictures of redheads. Haha…. His hair is not RED !, I find myself shouting at the screen 🙂 The one that drives me a little crazy is the American underwear model. He is very handsome and does resemble Sam a bit, but he also will require acting skills. So far the casting director is doing a brilliant job and I totally trust the casting team. With each season Sophie is looking more like Sam, I think.

  10. Alex Vlahos was fantastic in Versailles. In fact, his character often “stole the show” from George Blagden’s role as King Louis. Would love to see him in Outlander.

  11. Alex Vlahos was fantastic “Versailles.” In fact, his character of Phillipe often “stole the show” from George Blagdon’s role as King Louis. I would love to see him in Outlander!

  12. This makes me super excited. I was lucky enough to meet and work with him on a project in London a couple of years ago. He is a super human being and will bring a lot of love, joy and laughter to any project he works on. Here’s hoping he will be added to our Outlander family.
    Thank you for the great article.

  13. Finally, some news we can chew on!! Can definitely see him as Bobby, William not so much. The video was interesting about changing directors for different blocks – always thought that must be challenging for the actors. Just as they get used to their directing style – off they go!

  14. No matter who plays Bobby, do you think that the producers will include the M branded on his face? That’s an important part of his backstory even if it doesn’t get mentioned much after his initial appearance.

    • Good question. Now that I am more on the Allan Christie band wagon for Alex V, I don’t know about Bobby. Historically, they have skipped over some pretty major tertiary characters (the Bugs), and then dived in deeply to some even lesser characters (Graham Menzies), while scantily covering secondary characters (like Fergus!). I get the reasoning, Graham Menzies was a one episode and done guy, so no need to develop his character over multiple episodes or seasons. So, all this to say, I don’t know how what they will do with Bobby. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, imo.

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