Alexander Vlahos is Our Season 6 Allan Christie!

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We welcomed him aboard a while back, but now we have confirmation! Another Welshman, (that’s 3 now – Kyle Rees, Mark Lewis Jones, and now Alex), Alexander Vlahos is playing Allan Christie! You’ll maybe know him from his role as Philippe, Duke of Orléans, in the television series Versailles. Alex Vlahos is 32 years old.

Carole Braun of Outlander Forever, was the first of many to suggest that Alex Vlahos might have been cast as Allan Christie. That hadn’t occurred to me, when I did my piece Alexander Vlahos Heads to Scotland, (I thought he wold be playing Bobby Higgins), but when I read that, I thought hmmmm. Allan is described in ABOSAA as having black hair, fair skin, and big grey eyes. That works. While I was pulling together that post, I found this clip of Alex, playing a dark character…

After I saw this, I thought, “Yeah, Allan Christie is a definite possibility.” And here is confirmation! I believe Bobby Higgins probably didn’t make the cut, and the Allan Christie role will be expanded in the show. 

Here is his intro…

I have a feeling that keeping a lid on being cast + lockdown has been hard on this energetic fellow! 

Welcome, again, Alex! Can’t wait to see your Allan! (😬)

If this guy likes to dance, we need Paul Donnelly to put together a wee Tik Tok sesh of all three of these guys doing “Savage.”

Meet Allan’s sister Malva Christie

Meet Allan’s dad, Tom Christie


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Have a wonderful Friday! 

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10 comments on “Alexander Vlahos is Our Season 6 Allan Christie!

  1. I too, thought he would play Allan Christie! Too young to play Tom Christie! Great casting all round by Suzanne Smith!

  2. What a hoot. I almost started to scroll to the next clip but caught sight of Richard coming in. He’s just so adorable! I can’t wait to see who’s playing Bobby Higgins.

  3. This is SOOO exciting! Thank you, Courtney for going to such bother to keep all of us – your fans as well as Outlander fans – up to date on ALL the latest news! We appreciate you very much.

  4. As always, thank you for the wonderful updates. I’m so looking forward to Season 6. I assume the team will continue filming after 6 has been completed to start Season 7. Perhaps we won’t suffer the long Droughtlander between seasons this time.

  5. Loved the video of the new addition to Outlander. Season 6 is looking good already. I believe that the Frasers will never lead an uneventful life. There is always someone new coming along to make their lives interesting.

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