Awards Convo with Sam, Cait and Matt about Episode 512, Never My Love

Starz sponsored and online screening of Ep 512 yesterday, with a conversation after. This episode is stellar, and clearly highlights the show’s and Cait’s work. Generally, Sam, Gary Steele, and Trisha Biggar were also promoted. I hope Starz will also select a Sam episode and promote him as well. Some interesting Q&A, check it out: Deadline Awards Outlander Q&A.

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Happy Friday xo

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3 comments on “Awards Convo with Sam, Cait and Matt about Episode 512, Never My Love

  1. It was a great interview, and at least Sam’s input into the episode was recognized, unlike the post-ep commentary which didn’t even include him. They both deserve Emmys, but treating him as the very junior partner is getting old. It’s not a zero sum game – it should be possible to promote both, because it takes both. Thank you Courtney and your partners in crime for all you do. Stay safe😊

    • As both Sam and Caitriona are included as being producers as well, I would think that Sam would be given equal screen time. Yes, Caitriona and Sam deserve Emmys for their outstanding acting. I enjoyed the interview – great to hear the many points of view and perceptions – acting is very hard work.

  2. I agree with Zoe. Treating Sam as a junior partner is getting old. Caitriona is a good actress but trying to make her the best on TV is a stretch. You should watch Kelly Reilly’s performance in Season 2 episode 7 the series Yellowstone. Outstanding. That’s acting

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