Going for Emmy’s S3 Highlights + Q&A Panel: Sam, Cait, Ron, Maril, Matt, Toni & Gary

In the past Starz has not aggressively pursued awards for Outlander, but this year is different. The press was recently in Scotland interviewing the cast and crew midseason (which does usually happen), but now the cast and crew are in LA doing interviews, panels, and appearances to generate awareness and a buzz for this year’s Emmy nominations for their wonderful Season 3. Yes please! Our talented team of cast and crew deserve it!! (although they left out Sam’s goodbye to Willie and his Mary McNab scenes – definitely great ones). 

Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil hosts a panel at the Television Academy event with our team; everyone has their work spouse with them on that stage: (Ron/Maril, Matt/Toni, Sam/Cait), except Gary Steele, missing, of course, Ms. Terry D, costume goddess. 

Matt lost his signature goatee and found Richard Rankin’s missing beard ?. Gary is even more handsome than usual, if that’s even possible ???? At one point the others all start interviewing Gary, which is awesome; kudos to Tom for letting that roll. They tell us their favorite moments and discuss favorite characters too. A lot more Outmanders in the crowd, the guys are catching on! Fingers crossed for our talented cast and crew – may we have lots of Emmy nominations this year!

Enjoy this video of the highlights plus the panel… it’s great to see the gang.


More little snippets from the Television Academy Event: 

Sam thanks the fans…

Maril on the next big reunion… SPOILER ALERT – that’s Jamie and BREEEEEE

JGS on his favorite set for S4… Aunt Jocasta’s (this just made me SO EXCITED!!!!)

Ron on S3 vs S4 themes…

Caitriona on washing up on a desert isle…

Toni and Matt on scenes that came out just as they envisioned…


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  1. This article is extremely helpful to fans who simply cannot understand why Outlander for three seasons has not received much earned awards for such stellar performances. But I actually got angry when I read your parenthetical comment that the two most powerful scenes in all of Season 3 delivered by Sam…goodbye to Willie and the Mary McNabb cave scene….were not submitted for review. What is wrong with the decision-making teams at Tall Ships and STARZ???? Do they have an agenda that is not favorable for Sam? And if so, why? I would bet that 98% of those who follow Outlander watch it to see Jamie’s story. Why snub Sam’s performances and insult so many fans. It’s bad enough that the series has diminished the “book” Jamie. And then ignore Sam’s ability to create a powerful character that was so weakened by the series. Sam’s performances are keeping this “boat floating” with the audience. Now is the time for the “business side” of this team to step up and get Outlander the awards long over due!

    • I totally agree with everything you have said. I loved the first half of season 3 it was extremely well acted by all. I wasn’t so thrilled by second half as I thought it was very Claire orientated.

    • Agree. Love the show, but it is Sam’s performance that has made it addictive must-watch. While haven’t read the books, can tell from articles and show itself there have been numerous instances where Jamie has been subordinated to Claire, in my mind, unrealistically and Sam’s contributions cut short by tilting towards Cait.

  2. I am happy to see them actively pursuing awards but pretty angry about their continuing to giving Sam the short stick. WAY to much emphasis on Cait’ dramatic scenes and cutting off the scenes which were some of Sam’s strongest. What is there problem. We, the ardent fans, are tired of this. Whoever put t the preview for the academy, please stop favoring Cait. Do you not understand, Sam Heughan IS the show. The masses of crazy fans are crazy about Sam. Just take a look at the FB pages and WAKE UP.

    • Actually the WHOLE series is through Claire’s voice … almost. It is Claire’s journey, and what happens to her and whom she meets, that being Jamie and all the rest. I’ve read the books through twice, re hearing them again on audio cd book. And I’m up to Snow and Ashes. Also have read the bulges(stories of John Grey) etc. very few people know Claire is a ‘traveller'(in the books) I’ve only just found out, She told Ian( younger, went with the Indians) he had partially guessed any way. But there is an enormous amount to take in, from the books. Jamie’s story is the greatest Arch in storyline he just grows and grows and grows. An incredible character!

    • Hi Cobie- here is the English translation I found: “Here Sam is greatly under appreciated, it is everything Cait what the clock strikes!”

      I agree – Sam deserves more recognition while taking none away from Cait – as she is deserving of it too.

  3. Maybe we should sent a strong email to Ron and Maril and let them know how we feel about them skipping these two strong scenes.

  4. I just sent a twitter to Ron and Maril telling them that I am not happy that they left those two strong scenes on the side and that they seem to favor Cait over Sam. I also added that Sam is a much better actor and that it is thanks to him that OL is a success.

    I did not add that Cait is very good but not at his level as I ran out of space.
    If we all send them a twitter telling them our opinion, maybe they will finally listen. I know it is the year of the women but I am getting tired of it.

  5. Oh Yippie to that wonderful message from Sam. I was ready to do my happy dance. What a gem this man is and I fully support him.

  6. Thank you for the marvelous clips in this post. What a treat!

    I was dumfounded and drenched in tears at Sam’s performance in the leaving Willy sequence. It would have been a substantial add to the season highlights. I hope the heads that do the awards consider this moving segment as they deliberate.

    I place no great confidence in awards. I feel sad that the whole team must break from production to “court” the influencers in Hollywood. Most of my favorite, beautifully nuanced shows have never seen an award. For this supremely talented group of writers, actors and producers, I hope the love and appreciation of a devoted world-wide audience will be the highest award they carry in their hearts.

    My deepest appreciation for your devotion to giving us posts of such quality and interest!

  7. These “snippets” from Season 3 were almost exclusively scenes of Claire with Frank, or Claire and other characters. The few scenes of Jamie were short with almost no dialogue. What is it with the producers and directors of Outlander and their animus toward Sam Heughan? Do they not like his performance? Episode 1 was powerful! So was Episode 4, and yet, these were largely ignored! I don’t get it. Without Sam Heughan, the Outlander tv series would be history. This is NOT Claire’s story, ask Diana Gabaldon. Please re-think the rest of Season 4, and how Season 5 will play out. Sam Heughan is a powerful and gifted actor. Show the world!
    P. S. Caitriona Balfe is also a fine actor; this is not to diminish her in any way.

  8. I agree with the previous comments. I’m drawn in by Sam’s acting. He moves me with both his facial expressions and speech. He definitely deserves to be nominated and recognised with awards.

  9. I am in complete agreement with all the views expressed above. I am stunned that from the beginning Outlander hasn’t been given the acknowledgement and support that it deserves. Sam and Caitriona have given us hours of enjoyment, enthralled by their roles as Jamie and Claire – their dedication, talent and hours of very hard work have captivated us all. “Outlander” has to be the best original stories out there – so refreshing and mesmerizing. Awards to the Show and Actors are long overdue. So, with that in mind, I sincerely trust that Sam and Caitriona and the show “Outlander” get their respective awards in the upcoming Emmys, Gold Globe, People Choice Awards, and the Saturn Awards (coming in June 2018). Please know that are thousands of devoted fans out there pulling for our favourite actors, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – we love them.

  10. It’s sad that, for some unfathomable reason, Sam has been overlooked when award time comes and in the Starz production. Jamie’s character has been altered and, in so many episodes, changed from the principled person he is. I didn’t realize who submitted the scenes for the awards until reading the above posts. Why are they so preferential to Cait whose acting skills are merely adequate when compared to Sam’s superlative skills? Why didn’t they use some of the powerful scenes in Season 3 (and 1 and 2)? If it wasn’t for his portrayal of Jamie the show would not be so successful. Check out how many Facebook pages relating to Outlander exist. Check out the posts. Pretty much female only. We ladies are outraged at the way the writers are changing too many scenes, eliminating powerful ones, and adding insipid ones that are totally unnecessary to the story

  11. It seems to me that Ron has his favourites in this great show & unfortunately Sam is not one of them. He always praises Cait, Tobias & basically acknowledes Sam if he has to…what is his problem? It just showed us in the interview when Sam was asked what his favourite scenes were & he say’s how he loved playing Jamie’s story in the first few episodes dealing with the war & his loss of Clair & said to the writers more please & Ron just blatently says NO! They need to stop making it all about Cait & realise that they have two fantastic lead actors not just one. Ron you need to pull your head out of your butt & stop taking scenes from Sam & give him the praise he deserves just sayin.

    Oh & thank you very much for this post as always you bring us nothing but the best love your work 😉

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