Bees is Finished! (Sort of) & New BTS Look at Season 6

Diana announced on SM that she is finished writing Bees!! This is huge!!

There are many more steps in the process before we get the book in our hands. Diana spoke about this last month at the San Miguel Writers Conference…

“But the thing is, once I’m done with it, then it goes to publisher, who have their own very complex system of production and so forth: copy editing, proof reading, galley proofs, etc etc., which takes them some amount of time. The other thing though, is that the pandemic has affected publishing as much as any other industry, people are laid off, etc. There were only a few printing companies that could handle book runs, especially of large books, and at the moment, I think there are only two back in business. Which means all of the publishers are trying to get room – press time for their books, so there’s a lot of jostling and so forth, and if you’re trying to put something in, a bit out of its proper point in the queue, you have to pay a lot, and they don’t want to do that, either.

So, with all these things in mind, I just can’t tell you when the actually pub date will be. You know, I would guess, I’m not sure, that it will be sometime this year, because as I say, the book itself, is just about fully in existence, so we’ll just have to wait and see how all the other things work out. But you know, once it’s written, it’s actually not in my control anymore. Once I’ve given it to them, I help out with the production and so forth, because I have to, but as far as scheduling press time, libraries, and distribution, warehouse space, and shipping and all that kind of stuff, I can’t contribute at all. So yeah, cross your fingers, hope for the best. It’s a good book though, I think you’ll enjoy it.”  

Source: Thoughts and Updates on Bees, from Diana G. & Me

The good news is, we have time to re-read MOBY in preparation! 😁.

Here is a fun little teaser, courtesy of Diana and @LaughOutlander…

Diana releases her Daily Lines regularly on SM, if you would like an advanced look at the book. The complete list of Daily Lines can be found on her website, in the right hand margin. 

Starz released a little BTS look at S6 in production to ease the Drought. Did you know, by the way, that Sher of ABOotlanders actually coined this phrase, “Droughtlander”??? (She interviewed me recently, for her Lovelanders project, and said interview + all her other great posts can be found at this link). But I digress…

I don’t usually look at the BTS stuff for Outlander, the show, because I want to see it all at once and be surprised, but I did look at this clip closely enough to see that Fergus is getting some storyline!! Woot!! At least, I think that’s Fergus? We now have Allan Christie who is also dark headed and fine boned, but isn’t that Fergus? 

I just published a post about scenes I hope to see in Season 6, and Fergus’s story with Henri-Christian is high on my list! There are major spoilers in that post, so be warned. 

Without further ado, if you haven’t seen it, or would like to re-see it, here is that Season 6 BTS look. Spoilers!


For all my latest Season 6 news, go to the Featured Favorites Section. Featured posts right now are all about Herself. 
May the sun shine warm up on you today, and always. xo


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16 comments on “Bees is Finished! (Sort of) & New BTS Look at Season 6

  1. Ooooh. Thanks Courtney for where to go to see all the Dailies on DG’s website! I know they’re not in any order, other than when she posted them! LOL. Love the sneak peak!

  2. This news is exciting and welcome!!!
    I have my copy ‘reserved’ at the Poison Pen, where ‘herself’ will sign it once it’s delivered there and she has time to go to the book shop and sign a bunch of copies and then they have time to get them packaged up and shipped and the USPS delivers it….OMGosh…. patience is key here.

    • I disagree. Even though it’s hard to tell for sure who the young man is in the photo, as I just said to Courtney: there is no universe in which Jamie would be so lovingly concerned over *Allan Christie*, who is always suspicious and standoffish to people outside his family, and with whom he has no real relationship other than landlord and tenant. And Jamie certainly would have no reason to actually touch *Allan’s* face with such tenderness. If you look at the entire photo and not just the face, you can see that it’s the interaction of a father comforting a son.

      I know the writers like to add in some of their own storylines, but given what we do know is to come this season, I really doubt they would throw in any heart-to-heart. moments between Allan and Jamie.

  3. I’m in agreement with you on the scenes and lines. I’m currently re-reading for the 3rd of 4th time, but tend to skip over some areas that have little interest for me.

  4. Definitely that is Fergus. Hope they give him more screen time. Looking forward to Season 6, Outlander, counting the months till it hits the TV screen.

  5. I think it’s Fergus and Jamie during the attempted suicide scene, maybe. This may be where Marsali and Fergus move away from the ridge and this would leave an opening for Malva as Claire’s apprentice.

    • Hhhmm…. you have a good point there. That would be an excellent segue to bring in Malva as an apprentice.

      I’m so looking forward to Season 6 and Book 9.

  6. i’ll really miss Fergus and Marsali – they are such a great couple, feisty and ready for whatever comes their way, but unfortunately what we would accept and conquer now-a-days, in the era of the Revolution and on, the circumstances that Fergus and Marsali faced weren’t so readily surmountable or understood regarding their baby.

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