8 comments on “Bree’s a Chip off the Old Block… Deleted Scene from S2 Finale with Claire, Roger and Bree

  1. I’m very anxious to see more of Sophie Skelton…what little we saw of her in Season 2 didn’t quite hit the mark for me. So far, she is the only cast member I’ve had some doubt about. The casting for the show has been wonderfully beyond belief…I am hoping that she will be just as perfect for the part as all the others have been.

    • Feeling the same didi….hopefully Sophie grows into the role cos so far am finding her acting very wooden šŸ™

      • I’ve had that same experience guys. Something in her voice? I can’t pin it down. Rik R seems so natural and then her lines feel recited. I did see a comment that said Bree is annoying in the book at this point and annoying in the show so they’re on track! ? Maybe there’s a grand plan?

        • Yes. She is stiff. If the writers have to repeatedly tell the audience that she’s just like her father, it’s because she’s nothing like him.

    • Piper if you’re still having problems I suggest searching in you tube for this video. Put in maybe Roger Bree finale deleted scene as search terms. Not sure why it’s not working, sorry about that!

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