Brand New Perk: Cait Auditions for Graham’s New Movie – Will She Make It???

Have you heard about this? Graham McTavish is making his directorial debut in an upcoming feature film: This Guest of Summer, written by Paul Kavanagh, and produced by Adam Sigal. Adam may be familiar to Outlander fans, as he wrote and directed Sam in When The Starlight Ends. This is Graham’s second venture with Adam, the first being Independent film Sargasso. Along with being Graham’s first directorial project, This Guest of Summer is a new genre for Graham: Comedy Horror. The premise: three out of work actors road trip to help a friend paint his new cottage, make a wrong turn and end up in a very wrong neighborhood; naturally, misadventure ensues. Having read the script, my short description is: The Bird Cage meets Deliverance!

At Denver Comic Con, Graham mentioned he is working on a new passion project, and this is it! Not only is it full of new challenges for Graham, he’s working with some familiar faces on this film.

Among the actors from Outlander joining Graham will be our beloved Murtagh, Duncan Lacroix…

our naughty Angus, Stephen Walters…


and it’s rumored that one of these guys will be wearing a dress ??(intriguing).

***Mr. Sam Heughan will also be involved, on the production side of things.

Image Source: Getty / BG017/Bauer-Griffin

There is an Indiegogo campaign live now, with some downright amazing perks. One of them, already sold out, includes a tour of Castle Leoch, guided by Graham McTavish himself! (It’s rumored that they will offer another one, so do keep an eye out).

Casting for the film is still ongoing, and Ms. Caitriona Balfe recently auditioned for a part. Her exclusive, theatrically brilliant (1:00 minute long) audition tape has just been released as a new perk in the Indiegogo campaing. For only $5.00, you can see how Cait’s audition went ?, and be part of this really cool project.

Here’s are tweets from Felice and Cathy, who have already donated…

To see this new perk, and others, go here: This Guest of Summer Indiegogo Page.

Best of luck to Graham and the gents in this new endeavor! Let’s get behind them and join in the fun.


***Correction: Sam will be part of the campaign to raise funds for TGOS, and he will be featured on the DVD extras in some way; he will not be producing.

11 comments on “Brand New Perk: Cait Auditions for Graham’s New Movie – Will She Make It???

  1. Interesting read. Given the string of amazing Outlander actors who are also good friends, the idea of a production company that would showcase their many talents is an intriguing idea…1) Talent, 2) Charisma 3) Established Fan Base 4) Talent + Adam Sigal. I have to believe that this is a topic of discussion with these folks when they get together at fan events, socialize or just sitting around the set. “Yeah, we could do that…”

    Balfe, Heughan, Graham, Lacroix, O’Rourke, Donnolly, Cree, Berry, Menzies, Hudson, Day, Domboy, Lyle, Breaux, Gower, Lingelser, Weber etc Imagine the kinds of films they could produce.

    • For sure Linda – collaborations have already happened, i.e., Stephen Walters and Andrew Gower and The Humpy Film (not sure what the status of that is at the moment), Scott Kyle and Stephen Walters on an audio cd for charity, and Graham now pulling the guys together for this. I imagine he approached Sam, and that Sam is maxed out at the moment with other commitments, so his role is TBD. I think I read that Sam introduced Adam and Graham, but I don’t have a source, so don’t quote me on that ;).

  2. Hmmmm…Sam one of the “money” men. They’re great friends and interesting to see him as a “producer”. Love it. Love Graham and Duncan.

      • That’s right, I imagine Graham approached Sam, along with his other Outlander buddies, and that Sam is maxed out at the moment with other commitments, so his role is TBD.

    • Hi Francesca, I got an update about Sam’s involvement after this piece was published. I think Graham approached Sam, along with his other Outlander buddies, and knowing Sam he WANTED to be part of this project, but is so maxed out with other commitments at the moment, so what his final role will be, is probably actually TBD.

  3. It’s wonderful to see all these great actors get together to encourage and support each other’s projects. I wish them all lots of success. On the side, there is a little video of Stephen Walters from “Outlander’, I loved his facial expressions when talking to Claire, the way his eyebrows moved up and down. He is such a sweet man. I hear that he is also very talented musically. Tons of talent there. Thank you for sharing.

  4. […] A gander at Sam’s audition awaits you, over at the film’s Indiegogo campaign site: Help Fund This Guest Of Summer. For the low low price of $8.00, you can watch Sam’s never before seen 3+ minute audition tape for this film, and get the satisfaction of helping our Outlander gang make more art. If you haven’t seen Caitriona’s audition tape, there’s still time. See details at Cait Auditions for Graham’s Movie.) […]

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