Caitriona @ BAFTA Film Awards, Sunday Feb 12

Cait attended the BAFTA Film awards Sunday, Feb 12 in London. She hit the red carpet sporting an awesome (in my opinion) Valentino Spring 2017 dress with a Hayward clutch. What do I love about this? I love that you never know what Cait will wear. She has eclectic taste in fashion to match her complex personality. One of my favorite things is that she remains embodied, no matter what she’s wearing. She’s still Cait, not Cait selling Cait. 

I checked in with my in-house fashion consultant (who I’ve nicknamed Terry Jr) on what she thought of this look, and she had this to say: “OK, I love the top, especially the yellow part, and the skirt is… odd. (pause). No, yeah, I like it, it looks really Asian. She can look good in a lot of different things, Mom.” There you have it. 

And maybe my favorite thing (and I’m no prude): Cait is OK covering up, which is rare these days for a young, beautiful, up-and-coming female celebrity. Here is a peek at Cait’s looks:


I mean, Cait knows how to do sexy…


and she wears that look every now and then, which is a woman’s prerogative. But she keeps it classy…


Once again Cait, I salute you, for using the red carpet to express yourself. And for avoiding the pitfall of sexual objectification as a form of self productization.  A pit in which so many women in your profession seem to find themselves today. You’re the bomb.


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  1. Hmmmm Cait would look drop dead gorgeous in a potato sack a la Sadie Hawkins Day (boy does that date me), but this is perhaps my least favorite look of anything I’ve seen on her to date. My first reaction was “What in the heck!?!” I think she looks best in something more fitted / tailored, and she looks great in large color blocks, and because she’s so tall and slim she can handle all the bulk of the Highland clothing without looking like a pumpkin stuffed into a snow suit. But blousy, frilly, no shape… gotta pass. I also recall her saying she loved the beautifully detailed white dressing gown / nightgown she wore in Season 1 Episode 1 at the inn with Frank – a wonderful look on her. If I were her, I’d go for just about anything else she’s worn (though I don’t think the 1940s or 60s clothes do much for her – she’s too thin – some eras’ styles just suit more voluptuous figures (think the gorgeous curvy red head in Mad Men, or Marilyn Monroe). The shiny brown pants suit she was pictured in recently was fabulous. I do also think she looks best with a bit (or a lot) of curl in her hair, though since it’s naturally very straight, I think she said, I can understand why she’d want to take a break from all that must go into creating Claire’s tangles. Wonderful collection of photos. Thank you!!

  2. Well that to me looks like it was designed by a team of 5 year olds. Possibly one of the most hideous dresses I’ve ever clapped eyes on. But each to our own!

  3. Caitronia has a great sence of style and she always has her own style and she always looks stunning The Valentino dress is certainly a very diffrent look but everything she wears is gorgeous on her

  4. Gorgeous in any outfit! I especially love how Cait and other Outlander cast members are so kind, caring, and down to earth. Cait’s type of beauty, like Audrey Hepburn’s, shines from within as much as what the eye can see. Classic! P.S. I look forward to following the careers of these actors and wish them all the best in their personal and professional endeavors.

  5. IF any woman on this planet could make that dress look good it would be Cait. That’s just my opinion though and many times I’m not aligned with the opinion of the majority of the “fashion industry”. You know what they say about opinions!

  6. Hum, no I don’t like the dress but it does not deter from the fact that she is beautiful. I usually really like her looks except when she wears really short dresses. I find that they do not look as classy although I realize that she is a young woman with great legs and that she wants to be fashionable


  7. There are 2 or 3 I liked (the most subdued) but the rest of these outfits are truly GOSH AWFUL. One thing about it…you can’t miss her in these atrocities.

  8. my faves are the ones of you and Sam . You are such a handsome young couple. You both wear your clothes with such flare it is breathtaking.
    Can’t wait for S3 to air. Any hints as to when that might be, please?!?!?

    Great admiration for you both. Would love a reply.

    Thank you both.

  9. I applaud Ms Balfe for standing out from the pack with her eclectic choices, keeping her individualism, demonstrating no fear by not bowing to the fashion status quo which is now represented by gauzy see-though fabrics and glitz. Her fans/critics should be aware that most often photographs do not reveal the true beauty of the material or colors of a frock. As I see it, the bow should not determine the value of the package.

  10. I agree with your comment about Cait being Cait – she probably is/was supportive of a young designer in the Valentino house and that sounds like her – it is just a dress and doesn’t define who she is other than allowing her to give support to someone or just wear what the hell she wants – enough with the crazy following of designers and who is wearing what… she is a beautiful woman on the outside and appears to be just the same on the inside.

    Love your blog and posts

    • Now that would be just like Cait…to wear a dress in support or to give exposure to help an up and coming designer to get recognition.

  11. As Caitriona used to be a model, I believe that fashion designers ask her if she would wear their creation, even if she does not like it. She always wears everything with grace. I particularly do not like that dress but Caitriona is still beautiful.

  12. No insult to Cait (& I condider myself the penultimate Outlander fan) and I hate to say it, but that dress is one of the most hideous I’ve ever seen!

  13. I love Cait and her fashion sense. Not always my favourite but she killed it anyway. your comments hit the mark.

    Most Hollywood actresses dresses like tarts on Red carpet, show too much flesh. I am not prudish and one can wear more flesh showing clothes when one is young and springy but not with boobs hanging out .

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