Caitriona Balfe, Class Embodied, @ pre BAFTA Party

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Here comes Cait, classin’ up the joint again….

UPDATE, My apologies. Some of the information I posted earlier appears to be in error. It seems Caitriona has not been nominated (yet? ) again for BAFTA, as TV awards nominations have not been announced.

The party Cait attended was for the BAFTA film awards. And, I didn’t realize there is a difference between BAFTA and BAFTA Scotland. Cait was nominated, (and won) the BAFTA Scotland Actress Television, in November 2016. (To see coverage of that, CLICK HERE.) She attended the preparty for the BAFTA film awards with Tony McGill on February 11. 


One woman said it so well:  “Her exceptional qualities keep shining through that fine exterior.” BINGO.

I run this blog from my home which means my family often sees things I’m working on; I always feel confident, if not proud (is that weird?) to show my kids pictures of the cast and crew of Outlander. And in fact it’s the reason I even do this: the integrity, grace, and yes, beauty, of the people involved attracted me to this project. It’s my pleasure to follow an exceptional woman, like Cait, who becomes more beautiful each year, in my opinion. And not because of a new skin product. 

Here are a few more shots from the party, including one of Cait with boyfriend, Tony McGill. 

Photo: REX

Adding this wee video, courtesy of Outlander America – Cait’s modeling background must really help with these red carpet/paparazzi moments…

(PS I much preferred watching this video to the GG red carpet where photogs yelled out for women to strike sexy poses ? – which was awkward just watching, can’t imagine being there!)

To see Cait at the awards ceremony CLICK HERE

Thanks for being such an unusual celebrity woman, Cait. You inspire. 

Photos: Getty Images  

17 comments on “Caitriona Balfe, Class Embodied, @ pre BAFTA Party

    • Cait and Tony have been together since well before she was cast as Claire…Tony is the reason Cait wanted to make the public statement that she and Sam weren’t dating.

      We can always dream, though. 🙂

      • In fact she was not with him yet when she was casted. She was living in Los Angeles at the time and she said she had to get rid of her apartment and move to Scotland in one week when she got the job as Claire. She left her cat Eddie with a friend in LA for a while. It has been only since 2014 that she is with him. At the beginning of 2014 she did say in an interview that she was single. Tony is from Scotland.

    • haha it’s true, they have such great chemistry, clearly love one another, and are so believable as Jamie and Claire. But alas, they are playing roles and have separate real lives off screen (which probably keeps them somewhat sane?) Thanks Gillian

  1. I’m so happy for Cait…but once again, sad that there seems to be so little recognition for Sam, who is equally deserving.

    • Anna, My apologies. My source was mistaken about the nomination (I don’t usually use tabloids as sources but I figured a SCOTTISH tabloid must be different! ;)). She was not nominated again (yet), it appears that she attended the party for film nominations (unless she was nominated for a film I don’t know about). Sorry about that. I usually do research more, but am away with my kids and did this one quickly. I’ll go back to more research! ?

  2. I can’t help but wonder what is going through Sam’s mind…Why isn’t he good enough to warrant a nomination???? It’s beyond me!

    • I did prefer Sam’s performance in series 1. However in my opinion that was the best TV performance of any actor that I’ve ever seen. I was totally astounded he didn’t receive any major awards for that. I think the sets and costumes were the lead in series 2 for much of the time which detracted from the actors at times. Still loved it though.

  3. What I meant was, the first time I posted “Gorgeous inside and out” I got a notice saying I’d already posted the same comment, and implying that therefore the “new” (not) posting would not be accepted. Some sort of glitch.

    • Hi Sue, Cait was not nominated, that was an error. She was attending a preparty for film awards. I hope this will be Sam’s year, as I agree, he is very talented!

  4. J’adore tout ce que Cait porte tout lui va a la merveille moi aussi je suis désolée que Sam pas de nomination parce que je trouve qu’il est un très bon acteur aisci que Cait. Ce qui m’attriste je comprends que dans la vraie ils ne sont pas ensemble ce m’intrique c’est quand je vois Cait avec son Tony ils ont l’air de parfait étranger plus froid que cela ca ne se peut pas. Moi en tant que fan je sens la comédie.le non respect des fans de nous mentir en pleine face. Je suis désolée que vous pensez de vos fans que nous sommes tous des idiots. Faut faire attention le succès vient avec les fans qui regarde la télé série bien ce sont nous, et nous n’aimons pas que l’on nous prenne pour des imbéciles. Je comprends la vie privée mais quand on est une vedette l’on doit être vraie et montrer un peu de sa vie la vraie. Je m’excuse c’est ce que j’avais a dire ajourd’hui.

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