Caitriona End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights

Caitriona may not be great at converting time tables, but she’s damn good at Q&A’s – thank you so much Caitriona!!!!

Good for you Caitriona…



Ohhhh Cait does such great Q&A’s!!!

From Father Fogden himself…

(That would be Sam, and Christian Bale).

Go here, for Sam’s Q&A Highlights, go here for my latest OutlanderBTS What’s New, (just published today), and go to Reader Favorites, Season 5, for all the OutlanderBTS news on S5.

Have a fabulous evening, sleep, or morning, wherever you may be! xo

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7 comments on “Caitriona End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights

  1. Darrrrlink you put this out there incredibly fast – waaaaay to go! U dah fasterest in the Westest! Round em up and see ya on the trail!

  2. Loved Caitriona’s Q&A session. She is a very intelligent smart lady, very funny as well, and is definitely very sure of her future. Thank you for sharing the above with us .

  3. I love Cait she seems like a very nice person .Idid have a question for her What is it like to kiss Sam your TV hubby?She is so appreciative of her fans
    She took time to answer her fans She loves us like we love her

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