Caitriona @ the Golden Globes

Here’s a rundown of Cait’s Golden Globes experience this year in videos, photos, and tweets. What an incredibly talented, elegant class act this woman is. As always, the Outlander team (and we fans) were behind her…

Here are beautiful best wishes from other cast and crew members. This, from Terry and Ron says: “Every now and then in life you get a chance to be in the presence of someone whose light burns very brightly. Talent, Grace, and Heart. Good Luck Tonight! We love you R & T”

From Sam

From Tobias

From Maril

From Diana (asked will she be at the GG’s)

From the Comte St. Germain…

From crew member Marina…

From Sony publicist Robyn Harney

Here is Cait pictured at the WMag pre-party  

Here is Cait on the 2017 BAFTA tea party red carpet the day before the Golden Globes – the audio is a little rough on this one. In case you can’t hear, the questions are:

1)What does it mean to have the support of the Hollywood Foreign Press? 2) Does your second time here feel any different than the last time? 3) What can you hint about Season 3, when is the debut? 4) Whenever we do anything Outlander related, the fans just explode on social media and all of that, tell us about the fans… good luck tomorrow

The Vogue article is referenced in this Pre-Golden Globe BAFTA Tea interview by Marlise Boland of The Anglophile Channel (to see my piece on the Vogue article, CLICK HERE)

And, then the big day… Here is Cait before the GG with her glamour team from @TaraSwennen – Photo from Instagram

She arrives all aglow…

And hits the red carpet… she is the epitome of class and beauty in my opinion…



Access Hollywood on the Red Carpet- Print Shop, Shout out to the guys, and Cait on John Lithgow…

Holy smokes… here’s what it’s like to be live on the Red Carpet ?. How overwhelming and awkward. A bit of irony in this lineup (Cait appears at about 18:19) 

Inside, here is the big moment… the envelope please… 

As Diana says, it’s really all about the work, and it was magnificent. Always a winner in my book, and a pleasure to see Cait be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press in the presence of her peers. Congrats Cait. 

Afterthoughts… entertainment reporter (and Outlander fan) Lynnette Rice

Washington fan group…

Cait changed outfits to hit the after parties- what a beautiful person, inside and out. Photos:

Season 3 filming began again today, after a two week Christmas break. We look forward to more brilliant work from Cait in the upcoming season. 

4 comments on “Caitriona @ the Golden Globes

  1. Maybe because of the traffic jam that Cait tweeted about, but by the time she got her moment on the red carpet, there seemed to be some crowding going on with Ms. Kidman taking lots of time and the “handlers” rushing people along such that Matthew Rhys & Keri Russell were encroaching on Cait’s “territory”. On top of that, someone walked across the camera right when the CNN camera was doing the head-to-toe sweep of Cait’s beautiful dress.

    Or is it just me?

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