9 comments on “How Was Claire Able to Leave Brianna? Caitriona Tells The LA Times…

  1. Thank you Courtney. I saw both interviews. Cait and Sam are really classy people. Hope they never change. Cannot believe that some folks critize them.

  2. I love the actors, I haven’t seen anyone saying bad things about them. However, I do see comments about scenes that have been changed or added altogether. These scenes, as they were written in the book were so much better so it has been hard to put them as separate stories. Season 3 was the worst as far as changing the story is concerned. There was nothing written about Jamie on the ship without Claire and I don’t feel it added anything to the story. Leaving out that he got on the other ship to find her and changing that to leave it out completely really changed that part of the story too. I hope Season 4 is more from the book because I loved the North Carolina story so much.

  3. Caitriona always gives an amazing interview. Very polished, professional and is genuine in her responses. She also has a great sense of humour. She and Sam are the very best. Hopefully they will get their well deserved awards at the Saturn Awards in June.

  4. I just love Cait! She’s a classic beauty inside and out. Thank you, Cait, for always giving us such genuine feedback about your experiences on set and working with Sam. We can’t wait until Seaon 4!

  5. I have rewatched the interview with Caitriona – absolutely loved it – very revealing, insightful and intelligent. Caitriona has a great sense of humour. When you listen to the actors talk of their experiences and perspectives of they roles, the hard work and obstacles facing them – awards should definitely be coming their way. Thank you for sharing these interviews. These two interviews were actually the best heard yet.

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