Caitriona’s Response…

TV Line picked up Diana’s note to Jeffrey Hirsch, publishing an article about it yesterday, which Cait reposted on her Twitter feed overnight, with a new headline. I love that Caitriona speaks out about what she believes in, and the respectful solidarity of this crew…

The headline gained some criticism for using the word “lusty”: “Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon Counters Starz Exec’s Take on Show’s Lusty Female Audience.”

Technically lusty is: healthy and strong; full of vigor, with synonyms of: fit, vigorous, robust, hearty, energetic, vital, lively, blooming, etc., but I think the author was giving a nod to the plethoras of Nekkid Sam photos that float around the internet. My take on that, is that even the women who share lots of Sam photos don’t just watch the show for a surgeon and her eye candy. The Starz exec should have a better elevator pitch, and an understanding of the show and its audience to go with it, bottom line. Starz has input into the scripts, after all, they should know what they’re talking about (my opinion).

For back story: Please see Starz Coo…

And… I *think* this really is my last post about this, time to move forward and enjoy life. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. xo

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20 comments on “Caitriona’s Response…

  1. Good on Caitriona! She is fearless. COO Hirsch took a ton of flack over what he said, but I think it is well deserved. The lad could do with some sensitivity training as well as data on his demographics. I think many Outlander fans appreciate the physical beauty if Sam and Cait, but my take is that these folks see it as a perk or added bonus. Carry on, Courtney! ??

    • Sorry, I’m at Twitter novice. I have tried multiple times and ways but can’t actually access Cait’s response in her Twitter account. I can see that she posted Hirsch’s article, and I can see her comments on other topics but I can’t find her actual words about this issue. Any help?

  2. No surprise about Caitriona posting, and now hopefully, moving forward, Starz execs will be more aware, more thoughtful regarding the OUTLANDER demographics. It’s a little perplexing though, considering this is S5 approaching, and a good number of years into the series. Does not speak well for the channel, and this show is the only reason I subscribe.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! Isn’t it a little late in the game to stir the pot with such misguided statements? Outlander is the only reason we subscribe to Starz as well. With the very little free time my husband and I have together, this “premium” female and her husband have incredible choices of great programs on Netflix, HBO and Showtime; but have chosen Outlander to enjoy together. Perhaps we need to put our $$ elsewhere for now. Thanks to all involved for a superb show – both in front and behind the camera! Cheers and love from Idaho USA!

    • Hi Kimber, I think it’s a direct response of the original advocate, Chris Parnell leaving. He was already probably more removed, after seeing Outlander off to such a good start for Seasons 1 & 2, but this guy Jeffrey clearly did not receive the baron pass!

  3. Good responses by Diana and Caitriona to the misguided CEO who tried to pigeon-hole Outlander fans. I am a lusty 72-year-old who appreciates Sam’s and Cait’s good looks but a pretty face would not have kept my attention past the first hour. I’ve read the books and watched all the episodes because the writing of the books and the scripts are just so good that my attention does not wander. Sam and Cait are incredibly talented and they both know how to nuance a scene with multiple layers of ‘meaning’. All of the actors in the series are talented and worthy of mention. Because of the quality of Outlander, I will watch it no matter whether it is Starz, Netflix, or whatever. I am excited by Sam and Cait producing S5. I am making an assumption that this means they will have more of a say on what is in the script. By the way, seventy plus is ‘Prime Time”!

    • Marlene… have “ hit the nail on the head” with your comments! I’m 71 and feel exactly the way you do! I’m so happy Sam and Cait are producing now. They “get it” !! Hoping the series goes on and covers ALL the books!

      • I am of the same opinion and 81!!! Completely craazy about the books and the series. Jamie and Claire are dong a phenomenal job. The others too and diectors, musicians, “décorateurs”, ets also. I am just a litle puzzled about Claire’s attitude towards Jocasta and the accent put on the slavery problem. Please follow the books. the only exception is MURTAGH. I love to have him back. But no exageration please and I know 4 men who love to watch OL.

  4. People who make these type of comments apparently did not watch the show. Really watch it, its about so much more….It’s history, danger, fear, passion, love, true friendship, hardships, loss, pain, family…the show is much deeper than just what you see on the surface, “they” need to watch and become a part of the story, then “they” will see. Diana has created an amazing story and Caitronia and Sam (full cast & crew) have given a life that is amazing!!! My favorite book series of all time.

  5. I am 75 and really enjoy the show. I do have to say the acting is unbelievably good especially Sam and Cait. I don’t know why they would get their feeling hurt over “eye candy”. If you have an actor who is fabulous at what she/he does it is a real plus if he/she is really good looking also. That is what we have in this situation.

    • Chris, I think some people have gotten offended on Sam’s behalf. That’s not my focus, mine is that the exec at Starz has such a bad elevator pitch. It speaks volumes about how the PR group for and distributor of the show (Starz) perceives it. I worry with this perspective we will have more of Claire’s compulsive surgeries, more Brianna slap scenes, less complexity of plot and character, more episodes like 307, 410, 403, etc. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Caitriona’s response is why we have respect and regard for her as an actress and an intelligent woman. We love her “Claire” and Sam’s “Jamie”, but we also have a lot of admiration for them both as actors and ambassadors of Outlander. I would rather listen to their perspectives and opinions than those of an ignorant and arrogant CEO.

  7. Outlander is not a soap-operas on tv ! Soap operas has a lot of “eye candy “actors without talent , and those story is lot of time so stupid and forgettable! Outlander is the show what I never see before ! The actors are brilliant , the costume , the decor the visual effects…….is unbelievably beautiful ! The cast , the directors , the writers the producers doing excellent job . OUTLANDER is history teller , has the best love story ever ! You can watch again and again and again , never boring . Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe beautiful actors , and they acting brilliantly! Never in my life see acting like this ! Thank you for bringing Jamie and Claire alive in the screen ,thank You for this epic story for Diana ! I just really surprised the Stars CEO talking like this ! He need to know better why the people looking this Chanel ! BECAUSE OUTLANDER

  8. Has anyone noticed that things went downhill when Lionsgate got involved? And that STARZ subscriptions got cancelled when Outlander S4 ended? (Take note. Cinemax and Epic have disappeared from my cable package.) And that when marketing and bean counters take over and the creative people (show runners. producers, writers, directors, designers) flee because of “creative differences” or are gotten rid of because of cost cutting, viewers decline and the show ends up cancelled. Viewers are not dummies they can see what is happening. The cash cow ends up a dead cow. Or is that a coos that should be let to pasture. I hope Diana Gabaldon does not sell Sony the rest of her books if this ownership continues. Sony/STARZ was doing right by her before this mismanagement. The actors are under contract and have to act as directed and even their personal lives seem to be dictated. At least Sam Heughan has a sense of humor over this latest misstep by marketing. His fans will follow him anywhere anyways.

  9. Bravo! Great reply, it will take a while for ‘men’ to understand what females are alike, how we think, feel, and beyond how we look what makes us tick and tock! Someday possibly entertainment might take in the intelligence of women, how we process thoughts and feelings. If they continue to sell “outlander” as a “lusty” woman.. and stray too far from her character.. Yes, they will lose viewers; even though we agree that Sam is easy on eyes, he is not our ” SEX IDOL ” yes, Cait is beautiful, I don’t think if you took parts from all the beautiful could end up with one as beautiful, because she radiates when she is acting, She is an extraordinary actor, watching her we know what she is thinking, who she is …and as she is as written to be . We need thinking writers.. ones that know what the situation called for. Not left to their own devices. to make up something they think might apply… eh.. meh.. Still a fan… but..only because I have read the books 8 times!

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