A Potential Role for Outlander Fan Lou Diamond Phillips in Season 4

Celebrity fans become just as excited and passionate as the rest of us when it comes to Outlander.

The most prominent celeb fan in our community is of course William Shatner, whose Charity Horse show is this weekend. There is still time to buy a raffle ticket for $5.00 for a chance to win an Outlander t-shirt signed by Sam. To read about Bill’s Outlander fan journey and for more info on his charity CLICK HERE.

Actor, writer, director Lou Diamond Phillips whose portrayal of Ritchie Valens in La Bamba made him a household name, is also a fan. He discovered Outlander in April of last year, when he binge watched Season 1. He said Outlander reminds him of a Follett novel, referring to best selling author Ken Follett, a Welsh author of thrillers and historical novels.

According to TV Guide, LDP Is of Scotch-Irish, Cherokee, Filipino and Hawaiian decent, so maybe that wee bit of Scots ancestry nudges along his interest. 

He was on Twitter again last summer with compliments about Season 2 for Graham and Duncan…

And in July, 2016, here he is looking quite excited for the S2 finale… Patty O’Furniture indeed.

This past April there was some Twitter talk about Lou joining the cast of Outlander, in which a fan (Ruth) proposed the idea, looping Maril into the conversation. Lou and Maril then relayed their appreciation of each other’s work…

With Season 4 writing, costume design, location scouting and set design underway, casting won’t be far off (well, Rollo has already been cast, as you know).

I did a little homework and it turns out there _is_ a perfect role for Lou in Season 4. Do you guys remember Nacognaweto? (‘Course ya do) Think Jamie, a bear, and a fish. The character description is practically made for Lou Diamond Phillips:

Nacognaweto is a village chief of the Tuscarora people and is of perhaps late middle age in Drums of Autumn, with tan skin and gray streaks through his black hair. Source: OutlanderWiki

Maril has plainly said she is not a fan of stunt casting (the casting of a very famous actor or other celebrity as a guest star in a movie or TV show in order to garner publicity). I have to say I agree; I think it would pull me right out of the story line. 

However, Dominique Pinon and Frances De La Tour are both well known, accomplished actors, as are Gary Lewis, Tobias Menzies, and Graham McTavish. So, who knows, maybe we will see Lou Diamond Phillips joining our beloved cast for Season 4.

In the meantime, we have a glorious summer of adventures ahead, and the beginning of another sweet autumn to experience before Season 3 hits the screen as news of Season 4 progress trickles in. Sending my best to you…

42 comments on “A Potential Role for Outlander Fan Lou Diamond Phillips in Season 4

  1. I love Lou Diamond Phillips and we are just waiting for t he final season of Longmire to be shown on Netflix. He would be great in Drums of Autumn. Great idea to the fan who suggested it.

  2. I think Lou Diamond Phillips would be great as an Indian, seeing as how he is part Indian. His role in Longmire rings true and certainly does not come across as being desperate to stand out. Hope those who pick the actors take a serious look at him.

  3. He is such a wonderful actor and human. I love him in everything he has done. Longmire is really an excellent tv series; partly due to him and the rest of that cast. He would be a wonderful addition to Outlander; guest or whatever.?

  4. Lou Diamond Phillips isn’t enough of a “big name” (in terms of pop-culture) to be considered “stunt casting.” Casting William Shatner would be stunt casting.

  5. I think Lou Diamond Phillips would make a great Nacognaweto. He is a wonderful actor and would be perfect for the role.

    Graham Greene is a favorite actor who could be a character in the Tuscarora village as well.

  6. Lou Diamond Phillips would be excellent in the role of Nacognaweto. Graham Greene, Wes Study and many other fine actors should also be considered for the native American roles in Season 4 and beyond.

  7. I’m also a Hugh fan of LDP. Love his role on Longmire. Haven’t missed an episode. Have been an Outlander addict since I picked up the first book. Think this role is perfect for LDP.

  8. Please consider LDP. His persona is perfect. Yes, there are alot of native American and Canadian actors who should be considered. LoVeD the books. ♡♡♡ In LoVe with the Show!

  9. LDP is a great actor and can easily assimilate into any role you throw at him. I think he’s a great choice for Nacognaweto.

  10. I love the thought of Lou Diamond Phillips in Outlander and I think he would be perfect for the Tuscarora chief! There are others in the show, that we’ve seen act, that are “famous”, so why not give Lou a try and he already loves the show!! Perfect combination!

  11. I have been a fan of Mr. Phillips for a very long time. He was a great asset to the series Longmire. I’ve longed to see him in more roles. I think he would be great a choice since he has wonderful Native American looks.

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