Claire’s Influence on Caitriona… Golden Globes Tonight ?

Even though Claire is not a campaigning feminist by nature (in my experience), she is a strong woman in her own right, and she does stick up for people and believe in justice. Playing Claire has had an impact on Caitriona, and she talks about that… 

This clip is from my red carpet interview with Cait back in September, in NYC for the S3 screening. Go here, For full NYC S3 Sam & Cait Interview.

Last year on this same day, Caitriona was preparing to attend the Golden Globes as well. Leading up to the day, she spoke with Vogue Magazine about elevating red carpet interviews to discussion of actors’ crafts and pertinent views vs. clothing and even nail polish. Can you imagine Claire on the red carpet?

“What? Who am I wearing? Well I suppose it’s a Mrs Fitz original… Nail polish? Never wear the stuff, very impractical.”

My guess is that since these awards shows are done in the US, the main underlying objective is income generation, and political views are discouraged so as not to repel any particular market segment in the viewership. Discussion about clothing keeps it surface and safe. (Related article: GG Article Hits a Nerve)

This year, women (including Caitriona) and men will be wearing black and sporting these pins as a call to justice for the Time’s Up initiative…

Time’s Up seeks equal representation, opportunities, benefits and pay for all workers in the entertainment industry. I think Claire would definitely be down with that. Here’s to all people being elevated and treated with respect, dignity and equality everywhere.

It will be interesting to see how tonight’s red carpet interviews go… if they’re reflective of our culture, we’ll have a mix of passionate world views, and a healthy dose of cleavage, bling and nail polish talk.

Best of luck to Caitriona – I think you are a complete rock star, as Claire and as Caitriona. Knock ’em dead tonight xo

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