Graham Talks Clanlands & Publication Date

Big news this morning from Sam and Graham – their book, Clanlands will be published on November 3rd, 2020, and is now available for preorder in the US. And, Diana, Herself, is writing the forward!

She says:

‘I’m so pleased to announce that Sam and Graham have invited me to write the foreword for their Clanlands book! This will be my great pleasure to do – as soon as I stop laughing at the manuscript…’

I spoke to Graham in April about Clanlands and more, you can watch that segment of our interview below; he gives the back story and some anecdotes about making ClanLands with Sam…

For my full interview with Graham, go to: Graham on Buck, Dougal, Clanlands and more.

Don’t miss our latest episode discussion, released in July: Episode discussion for Ep 508, Famous Last Words .

I added some directors notes from Stephen Woolfenden and other goodies after the fact. If you haven’t seen that one, or need to catch up on others, go here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS501, still to come. 

I hope this Thursday finds you safe and well. Sending you my warmest wishes. xo

For Droughtlander – reread the books of course, and also go here: Reader Favorites.

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7 comments on “Graham Talks Clanlands & Publication Date

  1. Yes, thanks for letting us know! I also have my pre-order in. I do hope they come out with a DVD on their trip as well.

  2. I’ve been on the pre-order list on the website for a signed copy …….do you know if this news release applies to to the “signed copy” list??


  3. Ordered ClanLands , and rewatched most of season 1 this past weekend . Now watching the remarkable biography of Senator John Lewis. What an incredibly trong man!

  4. As I am not able to pre-order – will ClanLands be out in print in the bookstores. I live in Canada and would love to add ClanLands to my book shelf. I get the feeling this book will sell out very quickly. I am also still waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s book “Go tell the Bees that I am gone” to hit the shelves – I know it will be a while yet – I am sure when it does, Diana’s many fans will be asking when her 10th Outlander book will be out. Just can’t enough of Outlander.

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