Congratulations Ozlander Downie Down Under Patron Winners!

Photo: Tim and his latest cake creation, Tim Downie, Twitter

First of all, thank you to all my Patrons, I appreciate you guys so much.

Yesterday was not only Tim Downie’s birthday, it was the day we drew the winners of the Ozlander Downie Down Under Patron prize – a chat with Tim Downie over Zoom on July 24th!


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Thanks to my daughter who helped me with the drawing, and the winners are… (drum roll please!)

Melissa Harrelson and Tina Adams! Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations Tina and Melissa!! I predict you will have a blast with Patron Partner Ozlander Fan Gathering (Meagan), Tim, and the other attendees! I will reach out to you soon with further instructions.

Go here, for more on the OutlanderBTS Patron Program.

Go here, for more on the OutlanderBTS Patron Partner Program


If you’re a Tim Downie fan, have you watched my Tim Downie Interview

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Happy Thursday, enjoy life! xo

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