Jamie & Claire in Couple’s Therapy with Josh Horowitz – BLOOPER Reel

If you loved Sam and Caitriona as 21st Century Totes Normal Jamie and Claire, you’ll love their blooper reel. More fun with Josh Horowitz, enjoy…

For Jamie & Claire in Couples Therapy…Hats off to Josh Horowitz, CLICK HERE.

16 comments on “Jamie & Claire in Couple’s Therapy with Josh Horowitz – BLOOPER Reel

  1. Oh my goodness – I absolutely love these two! They’re so talented and so funny! Thanks to Josh Horowitz for getting it together and THANKS BTS Outlander for sharing these bloopers! I needed a good laugh – what fun!

  2. They are adorable!

    I couldn’t help but wonder if Sam is even better at hamming it up off the heels of shooting The Spy Who Dumped Me…

  3. Hello !! I thought this was just brilliant!! Thought it was nice that, Sam and Cait are , such great friends and trust each to do this!! I hate to be dumb , butttt, what does “totes” mean. Sorry and thank you! Mr. Horowitz this was so much fun to watch and it must have great to do.

  4. These guys are so adorable and funny. Cait seemed very relaxed on her recent tour for the premiere of Season 3. Love these actors so much!

  5. They are not even trying to be funny. It comes out naturally. What good luck for us fans to have Sam and Cait play J&C. Even though they may not fit everybody’s image, they sure do a damn good job!!

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