David Berry on Playing Lord John Grey

Here’s a sweet little interview with David Berry… (And, I’d say you more than measure up David!!) I think we need to take up a kilt collection for our Lord John Grey and get that man a kilt. Perhaps we can get Howie at 21st Century Kilts on it???


10 comments on “David Berry on Playing Lord John Grey

  1. His Aussie accent really comes through. He is a very good actor and plays a great LJG. He is gorgeous, really nice to look at.

  2. He has been a fantastic addition to the cast. What a tremendous talent and gorgeous too boot. Has become a huge fan favorite and right behind Sam as the new heart throb. Looking forward to seeing him in Season 4. An LJG spin off? Didn’t Sam hint at it.

    • You are right. Sam did hint at it. Diana Gabaldon has written novels just around Lord Grey – so a spin off TV Show wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  3. I loved the the interview. It was very down to earth and gave us an insight what is it was like for him to play the role of Lord Grey and his views about Sam and Sam’s acting which we know anyway as being awesome. David came across as gentlemanly, humorous and very professional. His Lord John Grey was a very sensitive, conservative man with a lot of intelligence. We will see a lot of him in Drums of Autumn and some of the conflict between Claire and himself. Claire has what he wants so desperately but cannot and will never have – Jamie. This all gives a very powerful storey. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

  4. He is a fantastic “plus” for the OL series. Good actor, at the right place and on the right register, he is – additionally – goodlookiing and looks very sweet. The responsible person or group of persons choosing the actors, did a great job here. Thanks.

  5. I think Lord John Grey is a really charming man as well as being gorgeous to look at. It was interesting to watch the interview and note that the actor is just as charming and gracious. I am new to Outlander as a friend has just managed to pursuade me to watch her set of DVDs and I am totally hooked. I hope to see David in many other series and films.

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