30 comments on “Deleted Extended Scene- Just Before The Battle of Culloden Ep 213

  1. I know they have to edit but these details makes a difference to the overall the effect of the scene…thanks for posting them ?

    • I could swear I remember this scene, Jaime warning him about the upcoming bloodshed, and Charlie raising his eyebrow in thought, as he trusted Jaime’s judgement. I wonder how many Frews lost their lives that day fighting with the Frazers.

    • This scene does move the story forward. I wish that the editors (RDM has last word) would leave in critical scenes. The truth at Culloden Moor reveals a Prince unwilling to listen to the tried and true advice of his Generals .. A tragic day for Scotland.

      • They had so so much to cover in DIA, I hope Voyager will have more time for more deep dives. A very tragic day for Scotland, and a poignant scene indeed. Thank you.

  2. Seeing this & other deleted scenes Should RDM/Tallship seriously rethink the 13 episodes/season?
    14 episodes would have been great for Season 2

    • Not up to him/them. Networks order a certain number of episodes and the production company has to make it all fit into that number. REM did say they have some flexibility in terms of episode length. We may get a couple of feature-length episodes.

  3. Courtney
    Thank you for posting this scene. I wish they had left it in as well. It shows just how ragged the Highlander’s were, juxtaposed with the single-mindedness of Prince Charlie. Sam conveyed that feeling to the bone!
    I truly hope this next season showcases all of Sam’s best scenes without being lost to time constraints and edits.
    BTW, keep an eye out for your mail…

    • Mark me! Chuck didn’t know what the heck he was doing.2000 + lives lost because of his arrogance & ineptitude.He knew nothing of Scotland,her terrain her people or the politics of the region.He should’ve been assassinated before he left Rome.

      • I agree with you completely Jill. I think back in the days of ‘old the monarchs because of their “royal blood” thought they were superior in all aspects which one must assume – included “intelligence.” It is heartbreaking to think of those brave men losing their lives and most of their clans due to the ignorance of not accepting the facts and knowledge of those who knew they could not win in light of their current situation. Reading the books, I was so hoping they would listen to Jamie. We readers so want happy endings for our characters…we make them real people in our minds. That’s what a good author does and our Diana is an amazing author.

  4. This was such a strong scene and so was the deleted scene at the end of Faith. Why does RDM always cut major Jamie scenes? The time constraint excuse is getting old. The Dougal with Colum death scene was too long & boring; the King’s toilet scene was WAY too long; and the Laoghaire scene should not even have existed! Hopefully S3 will be as good as S1. ?

      • I agree with you Jill something is wrong when all of Sam’s/Jamie’s scenes are the ones cut!! this is why I think Sam isn’t getting the awards nod as he should be. Some of his best scene have been eliminated!! Just cut out completely!!

        • That scene was short enough to be left in.Most of the show’s episodes are less than 60 minutes and some are 62.That scene would’ve provided more context for the upcoming battle of Culloden and why Jamie was so against it. Ron made a mistake by not including it.I read somewhere that Ron doesn’t like heroes.I think Ron thinks Jamie’s ‘king of men’ status is silly,so that’s why he does what he can to diminsh it in the show.

    • I agree with you Terri 100% why does Ron Moore keep doing this. Well it explains why Sam is not getting the awards nomination we think he should get. They really should have not created episodes with Laoghaire she wasn’t even in the Fox Lair in the book. Some of the other scenes should have been edited out!

  5. It Baffles me that all of Sam’s/Jamie’s great scene are deleted!! Whats up with that? They need to make season 3 at least 14 episodes or the finale should be 2 hours long instead of 1 1/2 or just get better editors and stop deleting all of Sam’s great scenes.

    • I love everything about the series, all the scenery and music of Scotland, but I have to admit, more Jamie would make me happy. I think Sam is a gifted actor and deserves more accolades for his efforts. Plus he’s so easy on the eyes and I love the sound of his voice. I’m happily married to my own true love, but I’ve a wee crush for the man in the kilt!

  6. Argghhh – another scene with such significance. It shows more of Jamie’s character – In truth I’m not sure I want to know what landed on the cutting room floor and what made it in. Being blissfully ignorant may be preferable. Must be very hard for Ron Moore, the director, the actors and everyone involved.

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