“Are We Foolish” – Deleted Extended Scene From Episode 208

Nothing like a visit to Jamie and Claire’s boudoir on a Friday night. Sigh.

I’ve just been watching Sam lunge through the room unexpectedly and make jokes about glute raises on the MPC2017 videos, and suddenly he is transformed into Jamie here. I hope we get more sex in season 3, damn it! There, I said it. Enjoy this deleted scene. And I want you to know my arms are shaking from my push ups as I type this!




10 comments on ““Are We Foolish” – Deleted Extended Scene From Episode 208

  1. Wonderful, but please STARZ, RDM, MARIL…STOP cutting the Jaimie dialogue..to fit in more Claire, Frank etc scenes..its almost as if the thinking is, you dont need to show his acting when he looks so damn good…Granted, its VERRA welcome, but the guy is growing leaps and bounds as an actor…give
    him his place!!!

    • I agree with you 100% And stop giving his lines to Claire or others. We love Jamie as a whole person, not a cardboard stand up that props Claire up. The production should remember this is Jamie’s story too. This could be a reason why Sam keeps getting snubbed by the awards community, they don’t take him seriously as an actor (though after To Ransom a Man’s Soul, his skills are hard to ignore.) The production is using Sam as a sex symbol and ignoring his own God given acting talent. Sam has legions of fans because he’s the whole package: talent, wit, personality, compassion, not just looks.

  2. Thank you for my outlander fix. But it’s too long between seasons. ?Is it because it takes so long to film a season? That’s what I keep telling myself.

  3. Every time I watch that scene where he carries her to bed, it’s drives me crazy that they faded to black. That is true intamacy between a husband and wife and that intamacy is what draws is to these characters Jaime and Clare. That would have made a perfect lovemaking scene.

  4. i am actually OK with the hiatus, coz i think it will def be worth waiting for. But as we have all agreed..no more cuts of Sams immense ability.

  5. This is actually a scene I am glad was “semi-deleted”. The scene where Jamie and Claire are talking out on the hill has basically the same dialogue, but with Jamie being the decisive one and telling Claire how he means to fight and win. If I remember correctly, the scene on the hill was the last scene filmed for season 2 and was a pick up done in February. I think in post production the producers realized that the scene should be Jamie taking the reins so to speak and re shot it. JMO

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