Deleted Scene from S5 & Lovely Tribute to Jamie & Claire

Outlander Angels posted this deleted scene of Jamie and Bree, which I had not seen before – a wonderful scene in my opinion. There was a lengthy discussion on Twitter about why scenes like this get deleted, started by @paulamiTweets, with a lively conversation that followed (I love those!). 


We talked about all kinds of things – lots of people want to see more Jamie and Bree and were frustrated that a scene like this was filmed, but then cut. Ultimately, the conversation came back to Jamie and Claire being the center of the story. People like to see other characters and storylines, but most agree that the Jamie and Claire relationship is the core. Secondary and tertiary characters are interesting, as they relate back to Claire and Jamie. This is a point that Antoinette makes repeatedly in our OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions, and it certainly rings true for me. I am interested in the Christies, (because they’re super freaks), but mostly because their lives and stories intersect with and impact Claire and Jamie’s life and story. The same is true for Roger and Bree and their kids, Marsali and Fergus, Jenny and Ian, etc. This is true for me when reading the books as well. When the story moves away from Jamie and Claire, it is less compelling for me, almost always. Is that how you feel? Let us know in the comments. 

Along those lines, what scenes would you like to see in Season 6? For my picks, go to What Scenes Are You Looking Forward to in Season 6, I’d like to know yours! 

On the subject of Jamie and Claire, I thought I’d include Julia LeBlanc’s latest Jamie and Claire video. You need to go to Youtube to watch it: Take My Breath Away.

For all my Season 6 and Bees news, go to the Featured Favorites Section. 

Have a wonderful Thursday! xo

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16 comments on “Deleted Scene from S5 & Lovely Tribute to Jamie & Claire

  1. I agree Courtney! Although I wished this scene and the deleted scene with Jamie and Roger and the sword purchase had been included. I am A ok with not expanding the Bugs’ storyline and Im not too keen on the Beardsley story being too front and center; mainly because I didnt really love it in the books but mostly because I am selfish and want storylines with the top 7 – J and C being front and center :))). I love the Christie storyline but I dont want it to delve too deep into the whole extended travel to the “trial” and Claire being with the Gov soooooo long…

  2. Ot is so true, Jamie and Claire are what Outlander is all about, without them there is…..zilch,nothing.
    They are the hub,all things to revolve around them. As Antoinette said, to have that tarot card sequence between Marsli and Roger and then cut out that scene between Jamie and Bree…. daft is what it is!…. or just bad judgement on the day.
    I’m hoping that in season 6 Jamie and Claire will have that discussion about the time he ‘walloped’ her way back in season 1. How they both reacted to it and its aftermath….. Claire still feeling indignant…. and Jamie still feeling justified about it….

    • I agree with you and ladies about the deleted scene. I would have preferred Jamie/Bree rather than Roger/Marsali. But I wonder about the Bugs. Are the producers going to completely cut that storyline? I don’t see how they can as it is what leads to the house fire on the ridge. And they didn’t even introduced the Bugs, there were a few scenes where Claire yelled for their help, and it was like oh there are the Bugs! I agree on the Beardsley storyline being minimized as I haven’t got as attached to Lizzie. I wonder how the show readers only feel about these things.

    • Me too Susie! That was such a great scene with both of them acknowledging that the other “owns” them.

  3. I miss you ladies so much! It is wonderful to talk Outlander with friends or to hear others talk about it. Thanks so much for your updates. I look forward to Diana’s book and listening to you lovely ladies discuss the latest episodes.

  4. Oh I miss you ladies too. I agree so very much about cutting Marsali and Roger and leaving Jamie and Bree. The Roger/Marsali scene did nothing at all and was actually counter to Marsali’s character.

    As far as scenes I’m hoping for, I agree with most of yours Courtney. I really want the Fergus/Jamie scene. I want more Fergus. I want to see Ian’s story unfold but always in reference to J/C. We need a great streamlined adaptation of the Bugs and the Beardsleys. I agree with Laura that we don’t need a long travel/Governor segment. I do want to see Jamie chasing after the carriage.
    I just hope that they do not portray an attraction between Jamie and Malva or between Tom and Claire.

    • Yes Ruth Ann! Agree! Also, I really want to see James Fraser, Indian Agent with Ian providing comic relief! :)))

      • That scene with the maids sent to warm his bed would be wonderful! I really miss some of the humor that is in the books not being put into the show. That is so much a part of Jamie’s character – they keep him stern too much.

  5. A thousand times more, it’s all about J & C! ❤️ Can’t wait for “the Bees” to buzz my way. LOL.

  6. From Season 1 right through to the end of Season 5, there is always Jamie and Claire. They are what Outlander is about. Many characters and experiences have come and gone, but in the end it is Jamie and Claire always there no matter what.

  7. Totally agree! I am a long time book reader (first read Outlander 22years ago). Whenever I started a new chapter and it wasn’t about J&C I would sigh! I would sort of hurry through the chapter with a “ok, ok, let’s get back to J&C” attitude. I sincerely hope J&C are the focus of the next season only touching on the other characters as they effect (or affect- can never remember) J&C’s lives. 😉

  8. I totally agree. As a long time book reader (first read Outlander 22 years ago), when I would get to a chapter that was not about J&C, I would kind of hurry through it with a “ok, ok, ok, let’s get back to J&C” attitude. I’m excited to meet the new characters in Season 6 but hope the focus will remain on J &C. As for deleted scenes, it’s always disappointing to see them and wonder why we couldn’t just have a few extra minutes. I am hoping for some extended episodes next season like we got in Season1, especially only having 12 episodes. If you ever get the opportunity to interview Ron, I would love to know who makes the decisions on how long the episodes are. I have thought the editing has not been the best, and the eps often seem choppy. A few extra minutes would allow for a more fluid show. I want more than 52 minutes!!! 😉

  9. First, I did not know they cut this beautiful scene btwn Jamie & Bree for that scene with the Tarot cards btwn Roger & Marsali! (Who made THAT decision???)
    There are just not enough of these loving parental moments between father and daughter. Yes, there was that sweet moment before the wedding. My most favorite scene (other than their first meeting) was when Jamie told Brianna about her half brother. I would LOVE more of what is in this deleted scene. Jamie consoling Bree; giving her loving parental advice. We know Jamie is capable of loving deeply and through most seasons since Brianna discovered her true father I just haven’t seen that on screen between them. Jamie talks about it to Claire but I’d like to see more of that in scenes between Jamie and Bree.

    PS Other than the obvious return of Outlander S6 I miss you all as well.

  10. I wish they would have Master Raymond waiting for Claire when Jamie sends her thru the stones to Frank. Master Raymond is a very mysterious character and could be a timeline traveler. He knows Jamie survives and gives Claire the opportunity to return to the 18th century. What a story-line the writers could have with this idea. I have a ton of ideas with this new future:) I could see a couple of sons and another daughter added to the Fraser household

    Perhaps Master Raymond could show up at Fraser’s Ridge telling Claire he knows how to send her back to that specific time thru the stones where he will be waiting to tell her Jamie is alive. Franks life would certainly be happier, as would Jamie and Claires

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