Deleted Scene From Season 2, Episode 207, “Faith,” Beautiful Work by Sam H.

Here is the whole thing, get your tissues…

PS I say beautiful work by Sam, because we got to see the majority of Cait’s mind blowing scenes. Very happy we get to see Sam’s incredible work here too. They are both amazing….

To see A Respectful Note to you, Ron, about Jamie CLICK HERE

45 comments on “Deleted Scene From Season 2, Episode 207, “Faith,” Beautiful Work by Sam H.

  1. This is beautiful. It gives a more balanced dialogue between Jamie and Claire, showing more of his sadness and love toward Faith and Claire.

    • No wonder Sam does no t get the globe and emmy nods. They put his best work on the cutting room floor! The whole scene flows much more easily and so beautiful.

      • I have to be honest and say I thought the same thing… Can’t have escaped him.

        But, in fairness, I really don’t envy Ron his job of taking all of the amazing material that gets done and fitting it all together so it flows and falls within a 60 minute time limit. The fact that there is music in this piece tells me that they probably tried to use all of it, as I *think* that is the very last step. It really does change that whole scene to see all of what Jamie says and feels…

        • Totally agree. After watching Season 2 which I really enjoyed but always thought something was missing…their relationship had an emotional void that wouldn’t sustain 20 yrs of separation. Jamie’s character seemed a bit weak not the survivor that I thought he was. I reread “Dragonfly in Amber” and my thoughts were validated. Ron Moore and staff do an amazing job. I just accept that the book and show differ…Faith was my favorite episode and this deleted scene was a better ending.

    • I wish they would have kept this in!!! I felt that he didn’t show enough emotion after losing Faith! Now I get why it was missed. Beautiful scene! Well done Sam, well done.

  2. Sam Heughan is a magnificent actor. All his performances are Emmy-worthy but the greater reward is knowing that everyone who sees him is blown away by his talent and become fans.

  3. They certainly need NEW Edits..Sam has been cheated and that fact can not be denied. More of the scene is understood with the inclusion of Jamie’s point of view…..Shame on the editing room

  4. The entire scene showed tremendous feeling. The raw emotion of both Sam and Claire was so intoxicatingly beautiful and so powerful…but Sam’s performance was definitely cut short! So glad we all got to see the entire scene played out! They are both phenomenal actors!!!!

  5. Huge mistake not showing the whole of that in the episode. How could you leave Sam’s wonderful emotions on the cutting room floor?

  6. Another piece of what fans were saying all season about the diminishing of Jamie in Season 2 and the over prominence of Claire. We get that Claire is strong. It was essential to show the sensitivity and intelligence in the character of Jamie to understand why he is her soulmate. I think the show llost sight of that in season 2. I sincerely hope he is not short changed in the beginning chapters of Voyager when his experiences have a profound impact on the rest of the series. I am afraid Ronald D.’s obsession with Tobias will put too much screen tiime and emphasis on the failing marriage. Once again diminishing Sam’s performances.

    • You voiced my thoughts perfectly, sheriG. Even though the books are from Claire’s point of view, all forward movement of the plot, all words of wisdom concerning Jamie and Claire’s relationship, all philosophical comments on life, all indepth thoughts about God are made by Jamie. I hope they are incorporated, especially all the important dialogue and happenings between Jamie and John Gray in prison. They are so important in determining their relationship

    • I agree !! There are areas that could have shortened this 15:51 min. piece. Some of the beginning with little red head, coming up the stairs,some of the spaces where there is no speaking,also in the spaces at the hospital,a little of the spaces when she sings to Faith, some of the crying. Remember part of this scene is overlapping with the full episode. We are whipped ,we are the obsessed fans we need to get use to it.

    • We shall see. As someone else pointed out, we are seeing these deleted scenes, so Sam’s work is getting shown. That’s a good thing. I think he knocked it out of the park on this one

  7. I as an audience cannot imagine the process of having to pick and choose from what I see as a fantastic job from both actors.
    But choose they must.
    I know of no other production that allows the public to be able to obtain a DVD with”everything” such as deleted, extended and blooper reels so that we may get to see what they, the producers were up against, so with that I am grateful and say thank you!
    Elizabeth Graziano

  8. It is so moving. I don’t recall the difference, I must have picked up the gist from what was shown. Excellent work, excellent series.

  9. First time I watched this scene, I thought that it had been edited badly. Claire sits down with a glass of wine in her hand after standing at the top of the stairs when Jamie cones home. It was obvious to me that something had been cut. Also, I felt some dialogue that Jamie had said had also been cut as the flow of what he was saying was out of sync . Having said this, it was still a very emotionally powerful scene. This unedited version, was even more so. I realize they have to edit for time, but this was one scene I felt shouldn’t have been cut. Tough job being an editor.

    Thank you Beth for your inciteful comments. Always enjoy reading your blog

  10. As a labor and delivery nurse I have seen the devastation that comes with the loss of a baby up close. His portrayal is so beautifully well done. His raw emotion is probably the best acting I have or will ever see. Thank you Sam.

  11. I can’t believe they edited this scene. It was other scenes that could have been edited!! Like Watching Jamie enter and claim the steps that was dead air!! Or Claire just watching him enter the room!! This baffles me because this hurts Sam’s changes of the Award Nod and Poor Caitriona as brilliant as her acting is just lost the GG award again this year to Claire Foy of “The Crown” which I don’t understand The Crown was very good but doesn’t touch Outlander!!

  12. I have been dissappointed in the portrayal of Jamie from the beginning. They cut a magnificent character off at the knees time and again, make him appear weak, as they make Claires character into a super woman.
    I’ve not much interest in superwoman or weak men.
    Balance, Dianna got it just right, Ron and Stars…
    Not so much.
    Follow the damn book, you cannot go wrong.
    Yes, I know transition to screen, changes need to be made, fine, just don’t mess with the characters, please!

    • YEp. Cait said in the GG interview that Jaime is the focus in the first episodes of season 3. Yeah, maybe Ron did listen to criticisms of leaving Sam out of season 2. Hope so! IT will be his time to shine, as he did in the novels.

  13. After seeing that, it makes mad that it wasn’t included. Game of thrones goes over their time by at least 5 minutes. That little clip captures Jamie’s feelings and it would only put the over 1 minute if that.

    • WHY WhY would you cut such a wonderful scene I thought from the start when first saw Faith that something was wrong with the scene . Sam did an exact job it and the scene would have made more sense you made look as if Jamle didn’t have much to say about the baby. I agree with what several people have said you have made Jamie look weak and he is not I was real disappointed in season 2 but hope 3 will be better.

  14. This scene is one of the very best. The connection between Jamie & Claire – their love conquering another tragic event. Sad that it was cut – so many other scenes could have been shortened so that we could see Jamie’s pain.

  15. This scene flows so much better – the one that was in the show felt clunky to me, and didn’t show Claire’s transition from anger and yes, some bitterness, toward Jamie into them ultimately finding their way back to each other. And Sam’s performance – words can’t express my feelings and thoughts as I watched him – not as Sam acting, but as the embodiment of Jamie Fraser. Really a shame this was left out of 207, a shame for all the viewers.

    • Yes. So important to show not only Jamie but softer Claire IMO and how they find each other. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Now why wasn’t this left in? They need to get a new editor. This was beautiful and I am sure all of us fans would have enjoyed this scene.

    • Well, Ron was the editor, and I think he’s staying! (I hope). But I do think he got the message after this one! (I hope). Thanks for your comment ?.

  17. I just caught this, and how exquisite a piece that it is! Sam as Jamie emotes so beautifully about the devastating loss of his and Claire’s first child, I am baffled as to why it was cut from the scene. Now it is gone like a diamond that swirled down a sink drain. If Ron has a reason for that, it damn well better be a good one.

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