Delightful New Sam Interview – ‘Career Chronicles’ with Noel Clarke

A lovely chat between these guys, with some new questions and answers…


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Happy Tuesday xo

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3 comments on “Delightful New Sam Interview – ‘Career Chronicles’ with Noel Clarke

  1. Actually found this interview last night on YouTube. So refreshing and yes. I had the feeling that I knew him much more. Great questions!!!

  2. Great Interview. Sam and Noel are a great team. It is interesting to hear Sam’s views, very enlightening. Though I will never meet him, when I watch his interviews you get to understand the person as a person and not just an actor. I loved the questions as well, Noel has a great personality, and a lovely smile. Thank you for sharing the video above – please send more.

  3. One of Sam’s best interviews. He was SO relaxed. You can see more of Sam’s personality, his sense of humor and personal thoughts. You can feel the friendship between Sam and Noel, who asked GREAT questions. Loved their friendly bantering. You could feel their respect for each other. It was like being at a party with 2 old friends !!! (PS..if only…. LOL )

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