Diana Facebook Q&A: Jack Black ?, Seven Stones To Stand or Fall, Her Writing Ritual, and More

Lots of Outlander today. Here is a Diana Facebook Q&A done in Waterstones book store, in the UK. She is promoting Seven Stones To Stand or Fall which is: (excerpt from Diana’s website) “a ‘Collection of Outlander Fiction.’  It is seven novellas, all written by me [Diana], and all dealing with the interesting side-stories and lacunae of the Outlander universe. 

Five of these novellas were originally published in various anthologies, and in the US/Canada, have then been published singly as ebooks. The final two novellas of SEVEN STONES, though, are brand-new stories that have never been published! <g>” 

Those two novellas are Besieged: A Lord John Grey novella that covers the period of time after he leaves Jamaica in Voyager, and A Fugitive Green: which is a novella about Hal and Minnie, how they meet, and their adventures. Worth noting is that Virgins –  a novella about 19-year-old Jamie and 20-year-old Ian Murray- is also in this collection. Sounds fantastic!

Here is the brief Q&A video, with some dead time until about 4:20, and then they get started. A few new bits of info here…including Diana’s ritual before she writes, and her prayer. Enjoy…


Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Greetings, Are the characters in your novels based on actual people you know or have observed? The character’s behavior and dialogues are so believable it’s what keeps me wanting more. Thank you.

    • Hi Sheila, Diana’s characters are based on parts of herself and people she knows and also made up people too – the full range.

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