Ship Ahoy! More DG in South Africa, The Artemis, S3 Cameo, Finale Script et Fini

Featured Image: Artwork by Vera Adxer, who graciously allows me to display her work, thank you Vera!


Here’s our fearless leader, who’s been in South Africa for the past two weeks…

After an initial visit to set, a meal with Sam, Cait, and Maril, and doing some promo work for Season 3, Diana and her husband went traveling…

Allyson Williams: Cape of South Africa! 

Rebecca Anderson: Did you climb up there after knee and foot surgery? Us rebuilds need to know if it’s doable.

(you can read about Diana’s trip into set, including a brief Q&A here: Thar She Blows and see photos of her visit to set here:  Diana on set in SA )

Doug and Diana went to a game lodge and saw the stunning animals of the area. Diana, always the educator, gives us the highlights and answers questions about her trip: (from Facebook and Twitter)

Outlander Headquarter: Oh my! Are those two the worst animals you don’t want to see? ?

Laura Vaughn: I’ve heard/read that hippos, more than any other animal, are responsible for most human deaths in Africa. Can you confirm? (Not personally!)

This lion was apparently 15 feet away from Diana when she took this shot… ?

Stephanie Bryant: Any gorillas? ??

Meanwhile, this happened back at the office… which is very exciting!

Fade out is direction for how the scene should end; this technique is used in dramatic, significant, or “to be continued” scenes. This presumably means that Matt has finished the finale for Season 3. As I reach back into the recesses of my steel trap, I do remember Matt saying that he would be co-writing the finale with Toni Graphia. So, I think this “FADE OUT” is for the last episode (if I were given to squee’ing, I would squee here). As a writer, I can say that the editing process is not short, which is a good thing for quality, and a bad thing for having to wait. It shouldn’t affect the premiere date though, as I trust that September won’t do anything drastic, like change places with October this year ? . If you’d like to read more from that Q&A with Matt, click here .

Back in Africa…

And, back at the lodge, Diana is hard at work doing the copy editing for BESIEGED…

She fields a question about an S3 cameo…

GCsunrise: I know you won’t answer this, but I’ll ask anyway! Are you going to show up in Season 3? 

Stephanie Bryant: Did you get the acting bug out of your system in S1 or would you like to do it again?

Well, if the script ever calls for a gnu, you are a shoe in Diana! ?…

Monica Kroon: have you seen any rhino Diana?

Paca Whisperer Jayme: Any giraffes? I’m obsessed with giraffes 

(I love giraffes too, I went through a phase as a 4 year-old when I painted only giraffe portraits)

But… Africa is all about the food chain. Diana’s caption for the two pictures below was: 

And should you doubt just how dangerous lions can be….

On April 10th, Diana was back on set and posted a photo from the Artemis! …in one of her famous where am I posts…

A clever reply from Jenny Jeffries…

Backing up here… in case you didn’t know, the reason the cast and crew are in South Africa is that they’re using the Starz Black Sails set for filming. Black Sails is a prequel to the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel “Treasure Island.” Set in 1715 West Indies, it’s a pirate adventure centered on tales of Captain Flint, the most brilliant and feared of all the Golden Age pirates. Read more here

I am not a Black Sails watcher, but apparently one of the Black Sails ships burned in a fire during filming this past season. Fans of Black Sails know something about this and which ship is being used for Voyager…

Back to the aquarium…

On April 11th, Diana visited the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and reminds us about her background in ecology… 

Lady Z: Gorgeous! What species are these? The spike-rimmed one on the left, a cactus?

OutlanderPNW: I wonder what predator drove the adaptation of spinous processes on that plant? 

I think Diana’s adventures in SA will end soon, as she said they’d be there about two weeks. Her reports have been great. Have a safe journey home Diana!  

As for the rest of you, I’ll keep you posted…?



4 comments on “Ship Ahoy! More DG in South Africa, The Artemis, S3 Cameo, Finale Script et Fini

  1. Great article. Loved reading everything together instead of posts at different times. Been following DG’s journey to SA. She’s having a great time, so happy for her. Speaking of the Voyager ship and Black Sails. I actually purchased the three released seasons on Amazon Prime here in Germany. Don’t really care for pirates but I was curious about Capt. Vane (saw a pic w. Sam) and wanted to see the great ship that’s going to be seen on Voyager. Now I really can’t wait for September, it’s going to be a great season.

    • Thank you Gisi, I bet watching Black Sails gives you a real feel for what the ship scenes will be like – I’m guessing they’re using some of the same crew even? And maybe equipment? Would make sense since it’s all Starz. However, Sony owns the material rights to Outlander and I think a different company owns BS. Starz is a distributor, not sure who pays for what.

  2. Seeing and reading Diana’s travel is making me homesick for Africa. I was born in the ex-Belgian Congo, in Burundi which was at the time Rwanda/Urundi.

    • That’s fascinating to me Astrid, what years were you there and how did you come to be there? I can see why you miss it, it’s such a beautiful place. x

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