Diana Gabaldon with Excerpts from Bees & Q&A

The Literary Southwest hosted a live conversation with Diana on Friday, April 2nd which includes lots of interesting questions and answers about Bees, including SPOILERS!, the show, her characters, etc. You’ll hear some familiar and some new. (I spot listened as I am waiting to read Bees and don’t want spoilers!). Enjoy!



What scenes are you hoping will be in Season 6? For my piece on this, and for all my latest Season 6 and Bees news, go to the Featured Favorites Section. The other featured posts right now are all about Herself. 
Happy Saturday. Stay safe out there. xo


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12 comments on “Diana Gabaldon with Excerpts from Bees & Q&A

  1. It was awesome. So enjoyed listening to her. I’m not afraid of spoilers so really enjoy having herself reading her work.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Courtney, thank you for finding and sharing this interview with Diana. What a wonderful opportunity to hear from Diana. Some things I have heard her relate previously but new stuff also. It is always wonderful to hear her explain her process and answer questions. Really hoping she will be writing one of the S6 episodes. It felt good for her to explain again in more detail that the books are about Jamie from Claire’s perspective. Of course, Claire is a large part of the story because she is the largest part of Jamie’s life.
    Thanks again for posting this. My experience is that I can count on you to find these gems quickly and making them available! Have a good Saturday.

  3. I think it is absolutely brilliant that Diana Gabaldon “snuck” dialogue from Book #9 into ep 11 of season 5. She is so amazing…

  4. I think it is absolutely brilliant that Diana Gabaldon snuck dialogue from book #9 into episode #11 of season 5…

  5. Diana is a genius. It was a joy listening to her answers. Thank you for sharing the video above with us all. Because of you, Courtney, we get a little closer to Diana – a very down to earth lady, but a brilliant writer.

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