Diana Q&A, Bees News, and Book 10 Excerpt

Like most dedicated Outlander fans, I received an email yesterday from Diana letting us know that Bees is now available in paperback.  Also in this email (which I missed, thank you Susan Kamlet for posting), is a video of Diana answering fan questions. Some new tidbits here, and it’s always nice to be in Diana’s calming and uplifting presence. Hope you enjoy…


Diana also posted an excerpt from Book 10 (no date, and no title yet) on her Facebook page this morning – a great scene with Rachel and William. To see the excerpt, go to Diana’s Facebook page.

Speaking of Denzel (video) and Rachel (excerpt), have you seen this?

OutlanderBTS Casting News: Denzel and Rachel Video


Catch our latest discussion, of Episode 403 (We are going back and doing the ones we missed in Season 4 – we will do Ep 404 later this month). To see them all, go to Episode Discussions.

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 403 ~ The False Bride


Have a wonderful weekend! 


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