Diana Q&A: Mary McNab Scenes, S3 is Emmy Worthy, Frank & Master Raymond To Get Own Books…

That Stephanie Bryant knows how to get some Q&A’s! She’s always right there when people are stuck at the airport, etc. ? Thank you Stephanie, and thank you Diana… 

Diana was delayed in Toronto Thursday (April 27th) on her way to Moncton for a series of events and appearances. First stop: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada for the Frye Festival. She is attending a gala tonight (Friday), and will deliver a talk about “imagination, inspiration and unforgettable characters” on Saturday, April 29 (that could be a very long talk, there are so many!!) with book signing and Q&A to follow. Sunday, April 30, (Sam’s birthday, by the way), she’ll give a talk about Outlander with signing and Q&A.  Monday, 5/1 she heads to Prince Edward Island for a reading and signing, and Wednesday she will be in Halifax. For full details, visit Diana’s website.


Deborah Kennedy: Toronto

Tami Williams: Is there a bar?

(“Tim” Horton was a Canadian professional ice hockey player, and his stores apparently carry: “Always Fresh Coffee, hot beverages, cold beverages and many quick meal options that hit the spot any time of day.” Source

Deb Robertson: Got coke?

(I detect a little Jamie Fraser in that humor…)

Liz Baker: Did you find once you started the research for the books that they took on a life of their own?

Kathy McCallum: Did she have to come through the stones first maybe? She is stubborn ?

Senoritav: Do you think season 3 will be the best yet???

Stephanie Bryant: Will you ever do research in North Carolina for “Fraser’s Ridge”and the surrounding area for future books?

Elizabeth Krueger: Minnie & Hal, LJG, what other characters want their own novellas or more?

TheFeralOne: yay Frank! But – TV show has filled in book gaps, so you would have to work around that? Or do just the WWII era?

Mary Ann Burrows: When will we find out why the ghost of Jamie is watching Claire in the window in Inverness 1940s?

Kelsey Kingsley: I have a question. How do you recommend finding a literary agent? I got the book. Just need someone to woo the Big Bad Publishing Houses. 

Good news for New Zealanders…

Foxxeh: Incredible sky over Toronto tonight. The storm passed just as the sun was setting

And that was that. As always, Outlander fans ask the best questions… Diana, I hope you are enjoying your gala and that you get a good night’s two part sleep tonight ?

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  1. Oh, the irony I was in NB, trying to get to Toronto to make a connection to London then to Edinburgh to start a 10 day self guided Outlander tour, and got stuck because of the storm. This after finding out I was going to miss seeing Herself in Monkton, because her writing had inspired me to finally make the trip…. Sigh.

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