Diana Gabaldon Answers Your Questions… S3, S4, Her Writing Process, Favorite Eps, Sam, Etc.

Diana took to Twitter today on Sony’s account and answered lots of fantastic fan questions. Great Q&A. Enjoy…

Karen: Was there a specific moment in time that you realized that your “story” was bigger than you could ever have dreamed?

Karin: The Outlander series is often referred to as books that influenced/changed people’s lives immensely. Had there been books that changed your life? (Not counting the impact of your own work on it.?)

Lost in Translation: Any hints about when book 9 will be published?

Liv: which character do you find easiest to write?

Naila: who is more stubborn… Jamie or Claire?

CM: Has your favorite moment of the season aired yet? If so, what was it? If not, can you say anything about it?

Leanne: Which on-screen character looks most like you’d imagined them, and which the least? (For me, Ned and Mrs. Fitz are spot on, while Brianna is the furthest from my mental image {so far}).

Suzanne: I’ve read when you are around Sam, Jamie flickers in and out for you. If this is true, can you explain that a little more?

Christina: there are a lot of theories about the moment Jamie sees Claire before she goes through the stones the first time. Will be an answer to it in book nine?

(I hate book 10! Because it’s the end ?. OK not really)


Antje: How do you feel about the differences between the book and series 3?

Carla: How much consulting do you do on Outlander? Any before an episode is written?

Carsen: I mean, you *literally* wrote the book, but can you still get caught up in the emotion of the show the way we do?

RoMan: Would you be interested in writing another episode for Outlander again?

Erin: What’s your favorite adaptation/addition the show has made to your books? What was something they left out that you had hoped to see on screen?

Fotini: Which Outlander episode have you rewatched the most? (great question)

(You guys probably already know this, but 115 is Wentworth , 116 is To Ransom a Man’s Soul, and of course 304 is Helwater. 


Vanessa: Diana, you mentioned the last scene of episode 4 bringing you to tears. Was there a particular scene with Claire that gutted you as well?


E.J.: Has TV adaptation process influenced your writing process?

Deanna: any characters from books based on people from your life, including yourself?

Fotini: Do you personally prefer the younger or the older version of Jamie & Claire?

Gisele: Your storylines are so detailed. Have you ever written a storyline and then decided it didn’t work?


Emteess: Are there any plot twists or actions your characters have taken, which in hindsight you regret?

Rita: How do you know when your books should end? There are so many places the story could stop.

(I love this answer)


Kait: Is there any decision you made while writing that you didn’t like but knew/felt was necessary for the plot/character?


Gretchen: why does Claire continue to wear Frank’s ring after his death and her return to Jamie? Does he ever question her or object to it? I’ve only read the first 3 books. 


Fotini: If you could “steal” something from Claire’s personality what would it be?

(hahahaha this one made me laugh ?)


Anne: what is your favorite set from S3?

Dr.BB: Has there been a series adaptation that you liked so much that you thought it might have worked well in the book?

Ruth asks: Will Jenny realize that she met Roger in the past? 

Christina asks: What is your explanation for the ghost of Claire that Jenny sees at J/L wedding?

Wikipedia describes a fetch as: an exact, spectral double of a living human, whose appearance is regarded as ominous.


Diana was asked by Jody what props she would take from set, and she answered…

Jenny: When you started writing Outlander did you realize you’d be writing so much about the American Rev? I didn’t think I’d like the Frasers in the colonies but those are my favorite books!

Carla: have you ever written yourself into a corner, and wished you could revisit a character?

Liz: you’ve talked about your “jigsaw” approach to writing; does a final picture emerge complete or do you move bits around?

Aldara: Would you write something different to the outlander world?

Ari: if you you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 famous people would you want with you and why?

Joanna: If you had not been successful as an author, what other course might you have taken as an occupation?

Pam: when did you realize the tv show was a hit? At casting, during filming, pre season 1 publicity or after the public response to season 1 airing

NeoEdo Designs: what do we fans need to do to ensure future seasons of Outlander?

And, that’s a wrap. For Sam’s Q&A today Click HERE

5 comments on “Diana Gabaldon Answers Your Questions… S3, S4, Her Writing Process, Favorite Eps, Sam, Etc.

  1. Thanks for compiling these all in to your blog! It is always a great pleasure to have another wee peek into the inner workings of Diana’s incredible mind.

  2. Dear Diana,
    Your amazing and I can not believe how quickly and beautifully your books blend together.
    I am seeing a connection of folks through Claire’s life and I am so hoping there is not an Alice in Wonderland effect where all of this is a dream for her.

    • Hi Mom ?, I think it’s a near future endeavor. Yes, Master Raymond will get his own spin off series like Lord John Grey. I know he’s one of your favorite characters so good news huh? ?

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