Cait, Maril, and Stanley Weber Weigh In On The Comte

From Access Hollywood, Excerpts:

Stanley Weber:

“As far as I’m concerned, from my point of view, he’s not a villain. He’s just like part of the court. He’s trying to do his best to have a good business going on and when Jamie and Claire come around, they mess up his day, really,” Stanley told Access Hollywood, when we visited the “Outlander” set in Scotland during production, and asked if he considered his character a villain.

“Because of her, his boat is going to burn and everything, and he’s going to lose a lot of money. Then, of course, he’s going to do a couple of bad things to try to have [his] revenge, but I can’t — I mean, in my head, when I’m playing someone, I can’t be like, ‘I’m being a villain.’ I’m just like being myself. I’m trying to be a human being first.”

Maril Davis:

“We were having kind of trouble finding someone for the Comte because I think the initial description of the Comte that we put out might have kind of aged the
Comte up a little bit,” “Outlander” Executive Producer Maril Davis told Access on the Scotland set. “I think we all also had different ideas [about] what the Comte would look like.”

The producer said Stanley first auditioned for another role, but she suggested they bring him back to read for the Comte.

“As soon as he did it, we just kind of knew and he’s so amazing and he’s such a lovely guy in person, but he’s so evil and diabolical on set, so he’s
great,” Maril said.

Caitriona Balfe: 

“He’s incredible as monsieur le Comte,” Caitriona said. “And the fans are going to love him because he’s a bad boy and he’s easy on the eye. But he’s an
incredible actor. I think we were very lucky that we got him.”

Back in June, it was first announced that Stanley had been cast in the role, and the actor, who is on social media, said many fans were “really welcoming” right away. And, he quickly threw himself into work.

“I was just very happy to be on board, and to come on board, and just was willing to do the best to have a good performance and [I tried] to picture the guy in a
way that would be unexpected, but still faithful to the book and the storyline,” he told Access.

— Jolie Lash

Source: Access Hollywood

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