Diana, Sam & Cait: Favorite Eps Each Season (So far)


TV Insider has done a great article on Diana, Sam, and Cait’s favorite episodes per season so far. Excerpts below – I’m adding mine, what are yours? 

Season 1:

Cait: Episode 1, Sassenach

“Claire was discovering her new world, as was I. For something to become a success, you need a certain alchemy, a certain magic, and it was apparent from day one on Episode 1 that we were lucky enough to have that on this show.”

Diana: Episode 7, The Wedding

“It’s really hard to choose among Season 1’s episodes…but the wedding because, well, that’s obvious.”

Sam: Episode 16, To Ransome A Man’s Soul

“Episode 16 is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever filmed. Jamie’s torture was extreme and really draining to film for cast and crew, not only for the viewer to watch!”

Courtney: Episode 109, The Reckoning

It’s hard to pick a favorite episode from Season 1, because they are all so good. However, I experienced  this episode the first time at Paleyfest in LA with thousands of Outlander fans – the energy was fantastic. I was sitting right behind Matt Roberts, so I got to watch his response to a live audience watching his episode, that was awesome. For me, this episode has everything, including my favorite scene of all time, the river scene. 

Season 2:

Cait: Episode 7, Faith

“It was such a beautifully written script by [exec producer] Toni Graphia, and though it was a really painful and tough episode for Claire, as an actor it really pushed me and made me find new depths in my work.”

Diana: Episode 10, Prestonpans

 “It’s such a wonderful picture of what makes men fascinating and admirable and women strong and admirable, against a background of danger and death. What can I say? I like blood.”

Sam: Episode 13, Dragonfly In Amber

“Time has run out for Jamie and Claire. It was great to collaborate with Caitriona and find the truth and pain of their parting ways — a magical moment in an incredible location.”

Courtney: First half of Episode 201, Through A Glass Darkly 

To be honest, it’s been so long since I’ver rewatched Season 2, I’m not sure I know. But, I remember watching Episode 201 on a plane, sharing headphones with my mom on our way back from New York City, where we had attended Season Premier activities together, namely Terry’s costume display. Tobias and Caitriona blew me away in the first half of that episode. 

Season 3:

Sam: Season 3, Episode 301, The Battle Joined

“The Battle of Culloden (and the aftermath) was very touching—a final goodbye to our Scottish clan characters, and it also really marked the end of clan culture and the Highland way of life.”

Cait: Episode 303, All Debts Paid

“We all called it our Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? episode. The bitterness and rage that built up between Frank and Claire finally spilled over, and all their cards were laid bare.”

Diana: Episode 304, Of Lost Things

“Of Lost Things’ is dramatic, intense, heartbreaking and so beautifully engineered by [exec producer] Toni Graphia, with Claire’s and Jamie’s stories of love and loss happening in counterpoint, 200 years apart.”

Courtney: Episode 304, Of Lost Things

I find this the hardest choice, as I think the first half of Season 3 is some of the best Outlander on TV. For me, Ep 304 and 301 are really tied for first, and All Debts Paid is right behind them. The acting is brilliant. The writing is great, the Jamie and Claire characters are unconstrained in the first half of Season 3, and the cinematography is amazing. Again, I watched Episode 301 on a big screen, in the front row, with a live audience in NYC, right after having interviewed Sam and Cait live, for the first time. Great memories, and I remember the sheer power of Sam’s performance on the battlefield. It was almost overwhelming in that setting. The Cait and Tobias scenes in Boston were very moving as well. 





Season 4:

Cait: Episode 402, Do No Harm

“I like when we address the real issues of the time, something we don’t always get to do. In ‘Do No Harm,’ Claire is faced with the ugly truth of the treatment of the Black population [in the New World] at the time and feels powerless and somewhat complicit.”

Sam: Episode 409, The Birds & The Bees

“Jamie and Brianna finally meeting was such an iconic moment, and Sophie is so fun to work with. We laughed a lot while hunting bees, and this episode is where we see father and daughter really bond.”

Diana: No pick listed for Season 4

Courtney: Episode 406, Blood of My Blood

I found this season hard to get into at times, and Episode 406 was my favorite. I loved the intimate feel of it, with so few characters, all of whom I really like. And Jamie’s experience got to be about Jamie. 

Season 5:

Diana and Sam: Episode 507, The Ballad of Roger Mac

Sam: “The stakes are so high, and it was really difficult to say goodbye to our brilliant cast member Duncan.”

Diana: “Amazing acting from absolutely everyone.”

Cait: Episode 512, Never My Love

“It pushed us all to find new ways of telling this story, and I loved the whole ’60s dreamlike element. To go within Claire’s mind during the attack felt like an empowering way of telling her story, and I’m proud of the work we did on that episode.”

Courtney: Episode 507, The Ballad of Roger Mac

I agree with Diana, everyone’s acting was amazing in this episode. The first time I watched it is a special memory for me also, great episode. And, like Episode 109, The Reckoning, it has everything, starting with the tent scene in the beginning, Buck returning, Roger’s hanging, and the magic acting that happened in the tent where Murtagh dies.  


“Murtagh… my friend.”

Those are my picks, and thanks to TV Insider, Diana, Sam, and Cait’s – what are yours?

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Happy Sunday!

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Full article: TV Insider

13 comments on “Diana, Sam & Cait: Favorite Eps Each Season (So far)

  1. The books, the TV show have all been a wonderful distraction as we isolate here in Long Island, New York. I’m a recited. urse Practitioner in Psychiatry and watching the characters develop with their neuroses, faults, etc. has been wonderful. I’ve read all DGs books so far and can’t wait to read them again. I’ll be reading ABOSAA before March 6th. Can’t wait!

  2. My favorite episode ever is 306. I think it is the most romantic, loving, sexy, tear inducing and completely satisfying episode of the whole series. I rarely see it on anyone’s “favorite” list, but it’s definitely mine.

    • Hi Jane, I saw a recent poll on Twitter and you are not alone! In fact it might have been the top episode people chose. That and the wedding. 😊

      • It’s so romantic. When nearly the first thing that Jamie says to Claire is to tell her he wants to kiss her and asks her if he may…my heart skips a beat every time I see it!

  3. For me it’s the intensity between Claire and Jamie in The Reckoning. They are putting their whole selves into the scene, you could see the spit firing from Sam’s mouth as he delivered each word.

  4. Each one is a Treasure. Thank you for sharing all the above. Outlander has been a journey – I hope there will be a Season 7 and 8.

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