Diana in Scotland: S3 is Best Yet, DG About to Be a Grandma! ? + a Visit with the Kyles

Diana hung out with the Kyles on 5/12/2017…

Photo: DG, Karen and Scott Kyle, Diana’s Facebook

She also did an interview with The Scottish Sun that day…

Excerpt: Diana says of Season 3 filming (and I quote): “I’ve seen the first eight episodes… and they’re fabulous, really really good, better than either of the first two seasons, and those were pretty good… yeah, so this is terrific stuff…” 

She goes on to talk about the sets in South Africa, and she tells a funny story about Sam, so hop on over and watch that video HERE

On 5/14/2017 she was in Beauly talking and answering questions. Inverness Outlanders captured a bit of that Q&A which you can see here…

Diana posted this on her Facebook page later in the day on 5/14/2017: “Happy Mother’s Day, to all our mothers and beloved other-mothers! Had a lovely–but very busy–afternoon in Beauly, talking, answering questions and signing books, and didn’t have time this evening to come up with a suitable #DailyLine –maybe tomorrow! In the meantime, though, a small Mother’s Day treat from Starz!” 



4 comments on “Diana in Scotland: S3 is Best Yet, DG About to Be a Grandma! ? + a Visit with the Kyles

  1. Thank You!!! loved the whole article and videos It’s nice to see stuff like this
    when we all love and miss the show sooo much greatly appreciated

  2. Thank you for another excellent update. I can’t believe I get to Scotland the day DG leaves, May 22!

  3. Love your books. Best thing that happened to me was be coming a grandmother.
    Gives you a new lease on life.

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