Looking Back… Diana Tours Cumbernauld Studio

Photo: Starz: Production Designer Jon Gary Steele shows Diana models for the Season 1 sets, as Ron looks on.

It’s crazy to look back to the beginning, or the relative beginning. In this video, Ron and Maril give Diana her first tour of the studio in Cumbernauld. Since this time, the space and the operation has been expanded greatly. It’s fun to look back to the beginning… this was published in August, 2014. Enjoy…

OK guys, sorry for the video that only plays in the States. I think this one (which is slightly different, but does contain the first ever meeting of Àdhamh ÓBroin and Carol Ann Crawford with Diana G), will work for everyone. Please let me know!

13 comments on “Looking Back… Diana Tours Cumbernauld Studio

  1. I’m getting the message “the uploader ahs not made this video available in your country” (Australia)

    • Hi Sherry, I have uploaded a different version, hoping it works for you. Please let me know, thanks!

      • Thanks Courtney. The alternative video works well, but unfortunately is 1 1/2 mins shorter than the US only one. I would like to have seen Diana in the arsenal, and got a glimpse of the standing stones out of context. This regional exclusivity is maddening is it not? Thanks for all the work you do to on your BTS site. Sherry

  2. My mind is blown at the sheer magnitude of the work, creativity, number of talented people and the respect this production has bestowed on our beloved author and us. I appreciate the show all over again with new eyes and an open heart.

    • Sorry Caroline, I have put in another video which I hope will play outside the US. Please give it a go and let me know. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. Thank you, it was just amazing to tour the set with Diana for the first time. It was so funny to see the standing stones leaning against a wall in a prop room. Kind of like going backstage as a kid and seeing Howdy Doody hanging from a nail on the wall. But this wasn’t traumatic at least. So many costumes and processes to make them all look to be from that era. And, so interesting that you have gaelic classes right there and available to all cast and crew to make it even more authentic. It would be like heaven to work there and be part of this epic series.

  4. Absolutely loved the video. An amazing adventure of “behind the scenes ” – so much creativity, imagination and lots of hard work put into an outstanding TV series. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing talent – there is no other like her.

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