Trump, Trying to Make Sense of It All- A Moment with the Author

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Hi All,

I have removed this post, because is not the place for my personal political musings. I apologize for using it for that purpose. I didn’t think that through, and I have learned a lesson here. I appreciate all of my subscribers, no matter your political affiliation. We are all Outlander lovers, and that’s enough for me. Thanks for allowing me to provide you with BTS content, and thanks for being on this journey with me.


Warmly, Courtney

PS If you want to read the original post, which is not about Outlander (though it did start as a comparison of Trump and Jamie Fraser), you can find it here: CLICK HERE

PS I realize that Twitlonger doesn’t have the ability to display tweets or photos, so I’m adding the tweets I refer to with Deepak here:

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48 comments on “Trump, Trying to Make Sense of It All- A Moment with the Author

  1. On NPR today someone said that Obama represents what we aspire to be and Trump reveals who we really are as a people – and it is not a pretty picture. It is tragic that over 50% of American voters chose Hillary, but because of the damned Electoral College, some votes count more than others. We as the majority need to lead the way to a more dignified existence for all of us that you speak of. I don’t know exactly what our path is, but I know that I am more committed than ever to actively engage in the causes I believe in, like addressing climate change, reforming our criminal justice system, and insuring health care for all as a basic human right.
    Thanks for your post.

  2. I’m disappointed that you would use the Outlander forum to express your political views. I enjoy reading about the Outlander series,especially with all the ugliness that has happened in this election.

    • I hear you Teresa, and I added a warning for that reason at the top, so that people can ignore if they want. I’m sorry if this offended you.

      • Hmm, actually this post has a lot to do with Outlander. Character analysis and compare and contrast a literary figure with a real life person. Which character in Outlander would Trump be? Not a trick question.

        • That’s what I started out doing but then I needed to process, which isn’t really what this site is about. I was looking at the fact that Jamie has a moral code. He breaks rules – he lies, steals, kills, but it’s always for Claire, or his family, tenants, men, etc. There is always a selfless component. I’m not getting that from Trump (hence the umbrella photo of chivalry and not chivalry). Then I went into the fact that many past presidents had affairs and wondered if any of them had agreements with their wives about that, and how they treated their wives and sex partners, like objects? or with respect? anyway… ah lots to consider

          • Courtney you expressed exactly how I feel. Dianna has done so in her posts,also. I’m in an area that I cannot seem to express my thoughts without someone giving me the same raunchy talk back that I’ve been hearing for months. I know Tump won,don’t gloat and let some of us get over our shock! My shock is that people know what he is like and heard what he said and still voted for Trump???!!! I just cannot see what they see in him to make him a choice at all! I did hear what he said then denied saying it. I saw a person that would lie,cheat,do and say anything to win. Time will tell now how things will be handled. I am afraid! I found out just how many people in the USA are the same type that Trump is and it worries and frightens me how the control will go. God Bless Us All!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for writing this. I like many of my friends are in complete shock and disbelief and wonder where do we go from here. Its said that the 1st 100 days of his presidency will tell the tale—but do we already know it?? Having Gingrich, Guiliani and Christi influencing Trump decisions makes me very uneasy. I live in NJ and we will be glad to see Christi go, BUT we don’t wish him on the rest of the country. As its said “be careful what you wish for” America.

  4. Well-written. I truly hope people at least get it’s not a case of sore losers. It’s a case of shocked, baffled, stunned “losers.”

    However, I have faith that when you do show yourself to be who you are, as you expressed, his words and actions will (eventually), cause him to be sued, indicted, or impeached for what he’s done, or will do. Assassination by some aggrieved target or victim of his foul mouth and behavior isn’t beyond the pale. I’m not saying that’s ok to do. I’m just saying these are all probabilities.

  5. Oh my! How very nicely said. Like so many others, I have been reeling today, trying to find some purchase…some foothold…some balance because I feel my ship is listing. I have perused social media looking for those posts calling us to our higher selves and reminding us that we are truly better together. Your’s has been one of those posts for me. Thank you

  6. I do agree, but am also feeling that the Republican strategy, formed and voiced at the beginning of President Obama’s first term – which was, to absolutely refuse to cooperate in any way shape or form with this President – that strategy worked for them! And people are so very tired of the stalemate in government where nothing was getting done – so they voted in a President and a Congress from the same party, just hoping something would get done. Unfortunately for us all, they picked the wrong party!! I am trying so hard to be positive and stay focused – but deep down I remain astonished and ashamed of my countrymen. And women who voted for Trump.

      • Actually you almost pointed it out yourself and I was realizing it as I read thru everything…he’s transparent, bold, definitely not PC…a step in a completely different direction. He’s not so thickly layered that we don’t know what’s behind the veil and I think people were just ready for that. I’m most definitely shocked too-but that appeal is almost palpable to even me if I look inward. And dear baby Jesus I hate admitting that to myself…?

  7. As I have stated on FB. America is in triage, we have to stop the bleeding, assess the worst cases, repair them immediately, then and only then cane we start to heal.

  8. This election has hurt my heart and shaken my very foundation of what is good and right. I feel that we are witnessing the death of decency and common sense, and the realization that hate, huckstership, and coarseness are now the accepted norm by at least half of our country. I’m ashamed and angry at those who allowed us to get to this point (and really it started years ago with “reality” TV and the far right media). I want desperately to be comforted, but I’m grieving for the loss of America’s soul. ?

  9. Sharing something cathartic, that a friend told me she did, today: she wrote a personal note to Hillary and made a donation to Planned Parenthood in her name today. She said it helped a little….the address for Hillary is P.O. Box 5256, NY, NY 10185-5256. I am sickened and worried, but resolved to not let this stop me from working hard for what the common good in humanity. Thanks so much for the post!!!

    • I have a friend who made a donation to Planned Parenthood in Pence’s name which I think is quite funny. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when he receives the Thank You For Your Donation card!

  10. Courtney, a lot of Outlander fan are also republicans, do not forget that. And I am one of them. And by the way I am born Belgian and became a US citizen several years ago. I really do not like socialism.

    People should respect everybody’s opinion but obviously liberals do not. Celebrities who are republicans had to hide their preferences to make sure to have a job.

    • Astrid, I hear you, and I value you, and your perspective on socialism. It’s complex. I think most ppl agree that the 2 party system isn’t cutting it. Hopefully there’s still room for all of our beliefs to coexist, and for healthy discussion when we differ. I like being in community with you!

    • I think you’re stereotyping when you say liberals don’t accept others’ opinions. Interesting. I’m a Republican who did NOT vote for Trump. So please don’t assume that Republicans or conservatives are this, Democrats or liberals are that. Not true. It diminishes the complexity and difficulty of this election period. Just because I don’t agree with the outcome of this election, hardly means I don’t respect people’s opinions. I disagree with them. Many, many people are trying to sort through their feelings and reactions, and that’s a human experience, and it shouldn’t be diminished.

      Secondly, I DO think Outlander forums are PERFECT, APPROPRIATE, and RELEVANT places to post comments about general social and political issues, because even “herself” Diana, posted a few election comments on her fb page as well….not telling people who to vote for, but referencing the election. Literature, t.v., film, etc., can certainly “entertain” us, and “distract” us, from the realities of life….but oftentimes, they can also inform us, confront difficult issues, help us live vicariously, and even reflect what’s going on in our inner lives….that’s why it resonates with us….it’s the human experience. So although the author of the blog seemed to apologize for her comments, honestly, it’s HER forum, and if people are only immersed in the fluff and fiction of Outlander, good for them, but there are dozens of bloggers and websites to go to, if you’re merely interested in finding one who sticks to talking about HOW OFTEN CLAIRE AND JAIME HAVE SEX OR NOT, vs. someone with the intelligence and convictions to tackle a real world situation, which may or may not have anything to do with season 3. I, for one, felt she expressed herself articulately and diplomatically, considering, and it’s sad to read posts that she should essentially “stay in her lane.”

      • Jodi, thank you. I really appreciate all of your thoughtful comments. I think art, and relating art to reality _is_ helpful for processing (for me, anyway). And I love what you said about not diminishing feelings or the sorting process so many are going through.

        As I said, my post started out to be a comparison of the hero we know as Jamie and the man we know as Trump. Very different guys, though alike in some ways (if I’m being fair).

        I’m of two minds. On the one hand, it _is_ my blog, so I can technically write about whatever I want. On the other hand, it is Outlander Behind The Scenes. I have set expectations and cultivated a following based on that, and I feel an obligation to my readers. I VALUE you guys, all of you. My intention has always been to deliver something of higher quality and more depth that everyone can enjoy and feel good about. Some people come for distraction, and tidbits, and that’s OK.

        My best compromise was to remove the original content from the body of the post and leave a note describing what it is and why it isn’t available on the home page, while still giving access to people who want to “go there.”

        Everyone’s opinions are valid (including mine). I expect people to be respectful in their communications with each other. I’d also like the people who are looking for distraction to be disciplined enough to not read the post, and realize that others (such as yourself) want that content, and see it as relating to Outlander. We are all free to pick and choose what resonates for us. There is room for everyone here, as I hope there can be room for everyone in our world.

  11. Your paragraph the begins, “In my lifetime…” is spot-on with what I am seeing with my middle school students. I’m in my 26th year of teaching and these children are becoming increasingly as you describe. Thanks for the thoughts you have offered.

  12. I am sorry that you feel that way about our new president. Please know that the liberal media repeated and repeated things that he said many years ago to someone who was baiting him. Put aside your personal feelings for a moment and think about the integrity of the Supreme Court Judges that he will appoint; think about what a piece of white trash RHC has become. Well maybe she hasn’t just become that way. When she and Bill left the White House, not only did she pack up the china but took the silver as well. Not only that, she says late term abortion is alright. I truly believe that she should be tried for treason. There is not a doubt in my mind that she or her judicial appointees would have opened our borders, done away with the first and second amendments. She sold out to the highest bidders. There is not, Mark my word (recognize that phrase?) a doubt in my mind that Hillary will be in prison ,if Obama doesn’t give her a blanket pardon. He will of course because he is just as guilty as she and she will take him down with her if possible.
    Now, to make you feel better; pray for our Country, our president, our soldiers and ask God to show you that He is in control. I know that Hillary thought she was…not true.
    Peace and comfort to you and all of those who really believed in HRC.

    • Wow, scary. Someone needs to take U.S. Government & Constitution again. A president isn’t a king. A president isn’t a dictator. Regardless of who wins / won the election, they can’t change or rescind laws all by themselves, or make appointments all by themselves. That’s why they call it checks & balances. HRC would have no more power than Pumpkin Trump to enact those things.

      And even if the so called liberal media didn’t repeat one single thing he said before this election, this ill-tempered nominee said so many horrible things in this past year which were quoted in all kinds of media, all over the world. Really, John McCain’s no hero, from a man who never stepped foot into a uniform? Mexicans are murderers and rapists? Women who have been sexually assaulted are liars?

      And you apparently want to return to the 17th century, where women routinely died in child birth. She specifically said in cases of life of the mother.

      Doesn’t matter now; the election’s over…but everyone’s entitled to their feelings and to express them peacefully. Yes, that’s the 1st Ammendment, the one your president elect will be sworn to uphold on January 20th. So by this blogger writing about her dissent, she is in fact being very patriotic, just as you yourself are.

      With all the pending lawsuits against Pumpkin Trump, he is just as likely to be indicted, convicted, or impeached. 4,000 lawsuits. At least do your research & post both sides.
      Hopefully his big mouth doesn’t start a race war, holy war, or actual war.

      And by the way, not only liberals voted for Hillary. I’m a Republican, so that traitorous action should give you plenty to split a gut over.

      Thank God, yes the same God you believe in, it will all be over in 4 years, if not sooner. He is not a man of God, Godly man, nor favored by God. He actually said he has nothing to be forgiven for. Is that what the Bible teaches?

      At least in Outlander, the lines between good & evil are demarcated.
      In this election, it was irrelevant. I just went to an Outlander event tonight, and I was thinking, thank God for a break from this election turmoil. I would love to share what I learned with all these lovely ladies, but apparently one isn’t entitled to free thought and opinions if others find them disagreeable. So I will keep all the cool, juicy details to myself, including what Diana herself talked about or where to find the streaming video of it. The Outlander fans I met tonight were fun, friendly, lovely, and no one cared who they voted for. Only one was ugly, screeching at the lovely book vendor who was there. I hope it wasn’t you.

  13. I have so looked forward to deleted scenes and other Outlander tidbits from this blog. But what pops up in my inbox now is too upsetting, a very bad way to start my day. I will be taking my name off the blog until I can be sure I won’t read anything more about our appaling new president.

  14. No the scab is closed and we are healing. Remember Bill Clinton’s womanizing.
    I am not happy you used this forum to tell us about “your” opinion. Which here in American is your right.

    • Actually, all her blogs are opinions. They are critiques, discussions, commentary. I wholeheartedly support her posting on anything she wants, even if it’s peripheral and tangential to the fluff people expect.

      As for healing….no. Maybe tolerating, maybe resigning ourselves to, maybe optimistically hoping for compromise, rational thinking, conciliatory efforts. We speaks for everyone, and that’s not accurate.

      If you lived in fear of being ripped away from your family forever, like Jamie and Claire, you would be fighting the system, too. THere, I tied it in with Outlander. 13 million immigrants…who’s paying to round them up and send them home? How many cops will be shot doing this? Who pays for the roads that have to be built on our side of the wall? Who claims rights to the private properties on the wall? Do we live in Nazi Germany?

      It’s not over. Just because people are fatigued with politics, lives are at stake. A lot of money is at stake. Precious resources are at stake that need to go to our military, crappy education system, homeland security, economy.

      Even if people move past the hateful and bitter rhetoric, this isn’t over. Far from it. I’ve had students called the n word and their parents told to go home. Sad. The voices of dissent will not be silenced…and yes, that’s the beauty of living in a country which can allow for this expression of feelings.

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