Is Anyone Else Missing Duncan Lacroix?? Here’s His Charming Self + Grant & Finn

Duncan Lacroix is a sweetheart of a guy, and I miss him! Duncan, where are you? What are you doing these days?

Here’s a short video from The Gathering 2016, where we had SO much fun. These 3 had us in stitches. Enjoy this wee visit with Duncan, Grant & Finn in these minutes from their panel at The Gathering 2016. UPDATE: If you’re having a hard time discerning accents, please see the transcript of what’s being said below.

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Finn: “It wasn’t real whisky, but it was real food that we ate on set a lot of the time. And I made the mistake often of eating the food in the first take. So what happens is, they film it lots and lots of times, do lots of takes, if you eat the food in the first take, you have to eat it every take after that…and I got SO ill, so many times.”

Grant: “I learned pretty quickly, I learned pretty quickly as well, and quite early when we did the banquet scene, just like, from now on Rupert is al… because Rupert’s the fat guy and like he can always just have finished eating, so it’s like you never really see Rupert eat anything because I could never be bothered to eat that stuff on set…”

Grant (to Duncan): “You put a chicken hand up your sleeve and pretended it was your hand, didn’t you? He had like a little chicken claw at one point at the Gathering and you can’t see it, but it was there…”

Fan: (waiting to ask a question) “He’s still talking…” (Grant pauses) “OK” (crowd laughs, Grant pretends to leave) “Hello, sorry!” (applause).

Grant: (returns): “Sorry” 

Fan:“emm, it’s actually for Rupert, and emm,..” (Duncan feigns disgust and getting up to leave, crowd laughs) “Actually it’s a kind of exercise in drinking question, because eh, last Rupert tweeted that he’s now the strongest man since he beat uh…” Grant: I did beat Sam…” Fan: “…Sam at the wrap party, and I saw Duncan doing funny games the night before, I think drinking, and was it? Drinking and doing on the cycle or something Duncan: “I don’t think so, no.” Fan: “But my question is actually that you also claim to have the title of ‘last man standing,’ you remember that one? yes?” Grant: “Yes, yes.” Fan: “And I would be the first woman laying under the table, so maybe you have some advice to get to this point…” Grant:” You’re actually asking me for drinking advice, and I love it. Listen, you know, this is my time to shine. Find what you love and just go with it, Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, it’s important to eat, and it’s important to have like a strong will to make sure that you’re always the last man standing if possible.”

Fan: (speaking in Czech) Fan Translator (loudly) “Hello from Czech fans.” Actors: wave and say “hi.” Fan: (More Czech words). Fan Translator: She’s sorry she doesn’t speak any english, but I’m going to be translating.” Grant: “I’m sorry I don’t speak any Czech.” Fan: (more Czech words, including “Duncana”) (Finn points at Duncan). Fan Translator: “This is a question for Duncan.” Finn: (excited) “I got that! I understood that!” Fan: (long question in Czech) Duncan: (pretends he understood and is about to answer). Fan Translator: “The question was you spent some time in Prague filming for Season 2 and what are your best memories about it?” Duncan: (covers face, and then makes zilch sign) Grant: “Do you have any?” Duncan: “ah, no it’s an amazing city, I loved every minute of it, yeah uh, there were some pretty hairy nights there… just so many friendly people, such a beautiful town, I took some time off, the weather was fantastic, I can’t say enough about the place, really (fade out). 


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  1. I really do miss Duncan and as much as I enjoy the genius that Diana is in the books I am absolutely enthralled with the way the writers expanded and changed the character of Murtagh. I’m a newbie to the Outlander books–barely half way through “Dragonfly in Amber” but I am so enjoying both the books and having watched both series twice–once by myself and then again with my husband. We have a Tartan Celebration coming up locally in Raleigh NC in April and I’m looking forward to meeting some of the local Outlander fans. Thank you Courtney for your dedication to the Outlander cause. Your hard work is so appreciated. ❤️

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