Duncan LaCroix Q&A – A Pleasure as Always…

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Episode 303 yet, don’t read this.

If you have, you know that they KEPT MURTAGH ALIIIIIIIVE!!!! I am first and foremost a book fan, but this screen departure did not bother me in the least. Any reason to get more Murtagh is a good one in my book (and I know I’m not alone!)

Duncan tends to be a little less lime lighty by nature, so it’s always a treat when he emerges. Here are the highlights from the Twitter Q&A he just finished…


On Duncan’s favorite scene to film…


I went looking for a screen grab of Duncan’s favorite scene, and I do believe I detect SMILES on the faces of our brave rescuers (at least Duncan and Grant) during this scene!

On Duncan’s all time favorite scene…


On Duncan’s relationship with Sam…



On Duncan’s favorite Outlander character… he likes villains


On injuries during filming…


Outlander armorer, Jim Elliott

Duncan’s favorite thing about Murtagh…


On Murtagh’s sex life…


Duncan has one tattoo, for those of you wondering, and his favorite book is Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.

When asked what Murtagh would do if he met Brianna, Duncan said…


Makes perfect sense! 

Grrrrreat question…


Wow, his first big job??? I’d say your approach worked, Duncan! Stick with it.

On the most emotional scene…


Nahhh, I don’t think so. This is such a moving scene. In fact, I was just in a lecture given by Àdhamh ÓBroin in which he read what he was given in the script for this scene, then he read his translation of it into Gaelic, and then he read the back translation of the Gaelic into English. Such a beautiful, poetic language. I’m sure he would have told the actors exactly what they were saying, and it comes across. I can paraphrase… and I won’t do it justice. Jamie is basically asking to be put out of his misery, and Murtagh is saying some version of you’ll be ok. Jamie is saying nooo I won’t, and Murtagh says What about Claire?? Would you leave her a widow? And Jamie says something like Some things you don’t get passed. Gorgeous scene.

Duncan was asked when we will see Murtagh again, to which he answered “As yet, I honestly don’t know.” Which means, he is either holding out on us, or we honestly don’t learn what happens to Murtagh in Season 3?? Or we do learn his fate, but without him being shown again. Time will tell.

Duncan was asked if he’s played Shakespeare before, to which he answered: “Yes I’ve played Macbeth and Malvolio. I’d love to have another crack. I’d love to play Iago from Othello.”

On Murtagh’s bravery…


Who would you peg as a smuggler, Murtagh or Duncan? ?




Duncan is a My Peak Challenge guy, and has been climbing some munros in Scotland lately. Asked if there are more in the plans, he said, “Its been a few weeks since the last one but I’m planning on Ben Nevis before the end of year!”

Duncan’s favorite actor/actress growing up: “That changed during my teenage years from Clint Eastwood to Marlon Brando as a young kid it was Burt Lancaster because of his backflips ?.”

Duncan on Outlander fame…


Yes, i would imagine if you’re going out like this, you are not recognized as Murtagh! ?

Photo from Duncan’s Twitter account Sept 20th, with caption: Hard at work today on a new project. Thinking hard about the next scene. Intense stuff.

On Duncan’s favorite set location…



How is Duncan like Murtagh?


Such great questions!


Asked about his favorite TV show, Duncan said: “I’m a big fan of Ray Donovan and the Netflix cartoon Rick and Morty. Ooooh yeah Rick and Morty makes me happy.” Steph Bryant asked Duncan’s favorite place to travel and unwind, and Duncan answered: “I’ve visited a few places I’d never thought I’d get a chance to thanks to the show but Scotland and the West of Ireland are hard to beat”

On what he loved about the job…


On who’s the funniest on set…


On learning Gaelic…


Favorite poets are “either T.S Eliot or Charles Bukowski depending on mood or whisky taken”

On Murtagh’s fate…



On future love scenes…



Duncan would love to play Lemmy in Motorhead.

On Murtagh and Fergus…


On Murtagh’s costumes…


Yes, putting this one in, for the witty reply…


and finally…



And… that’s a wrap! 

5 comments on “Duncan LaCroix Q&A – A Pleasure as Always…

  1. Thanks Courtney for this. I think that Duncan is a very talented actor and I hope he gets many more good parts. I have this tidbit for anyone interested: I read that Sam once said that Duncan was probably the most Method actor of the whole cast (Method in reference to the Actors’Studio which uses a method based on Stanislavski’s method ( he was a drama teacher in Russia). It focuses on truth. I believe that Duncan has certainly integrated that notion in his performance.

  2. One of the very best interviews ever. Duncan was wonderful and the questions were great !! Thank you. I hope Duncan goes to more acting roles and we get to see him often .

  3. Bit of a massive stab in the dark, but if Duncan Lacroix reads/sees this message would he mind contacting me. Name is Martin Donaldson. Know him from distant pastures. Bout time we had a catch up matey. Btw, I’m now based permanently in Glasgow.

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