Season 3 Countdown… Ep 112 Lallybroch Highlights, Photos & Other Fun Stuff

Friday night was Episode 112, Lallybroch, when Jamie finally takes Claire home to meet the fam.

Highlights for me in this episode are… Ah! When Jenny drops her laundry, grabs her pregnant belly, and runs to Jamie with tears in her eyes, tears sprang into my eyes. I personally think Laura Donnelly NAILS the Jenny role.

And moments later, wooooweeee “Tell that trollop to keep her neb out of my business…”

And then Jamie: “Jenny… I’m…”
“A damn fool. And no a day wiser in four years.” <mike drop>
And good old Ian, calming down the situation. GREAT scene.

I like how in the flashback, when Jenny tells the story of BJR, everything is black and white except the red coats, and the red blood. Nice touch.

Chilling, creepy BJR. What’s with putting his nasty finger in her mouth? Gross. And Jenny, laughing at him trying to ready himself. brilliant. So good, and so gripping. Tobias’ choice to go full frontal seems appropriate as BJR. yuk.

I _am_ totally absorbed in the show, but, I do remember noticing when it first aired that Sam definitely had a cold in this episode, and thinking, Wow, Cait has to kiss him even when he has a cold, and then does she catch the cold? That would be annoying.

And now, I am reminded of what Cait said at ECCC about Sam getting sick…

See the full post and video here: ECCC2017

When Jamie is telling Claire about the last time he saw his father, and the flashback to the scene with Brian Fraser as Jamie goes in to meet with BJR at Wentworth is very moving.

And then (excuse my French) that fucking sicko Black Jack! God, Tobias plays him so well, and the scene with Sam realizing what he’s saying and then having BJR press on his wounds. Sam’s face there is so reminiscent, or I guess it would be foreshadowing (this damn time travel) to the ending eps 15 and 16.

And then Claire’s face as Jamie recounts the story… all so good. What a triangle. (and may I just say that I love Claire’s outfit during this scene? I do.) Do you? ugh those flogging scenes! I thought I was done with them after Episode 6! Horrid. That whole segment is heart breaking, and so well played by all involved. 

The awkward dinner. I love the beginning part with just Claire and Jenny. Two wonderful characters.

The Lallybroch interiors are amazing, kudos to Gary Steele. And I couldn’t help thinking of something I saw way back when, when Ian says “stuffed cabbage Claire?” in the last scene at the awkward dinner. (I’ll put that clip down below).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drunk Jamie the Laird scene when he wakes Claire up speaking Gaelic and smacks her in the butt… “You’ll have to answer to Laird Broch Tuarach, huh? That’s me…” 

Oh MY… this is the broken mill wheel episode! Well, I have to watch to do this post I suppose… duty calls… I will say that Jamie gives Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 5(?) a run for his money in the breath holding department here. 

Oh woops, I tried to close my eyes but I wasn’t fast enough <ahem>. No, I think the purpose of this scene (aside from the female gaze bit) is for Claire and Jenny to work together to protect the man they love, and for Jenny to see his scars which ultimately leads to her softening and remorse.

And then good old Ian gives Claire a tutorial in being married to Frasers. 

Oh, the scene at the graveyard. Laura and Sam are so good as Jenny and Jamie. Just love her.

Aww, the bedroom scene when Jamie fessed up to falling in love with Claire at Castle Leoch when she cried in his arms. Oh, so peaceful, and then… here comes Taran MacQuarrie mucking up the bliss for the final cliff hanger. 

Here are some photos of my highlights…

A wee welcome home misunderstandin’…

say whaaaat?

uh… the bollocks move, remember?



Awww shit. 


Stubborn as rocks…

mmm hmmm

Thank God for Ian…

No words… he’s so sick

That’s a brave lassie

(has anyone else noticed that Starz likes to flash the logo at really intense or noteworthy moments during the show?) 

Cait is so good at empathy as Claire… listening to Jamie’s story about his last moments with his dad and BJR’s proposition…

Tobias is so good as a psycho. You see it all there, his excitement at the prospect of buggering Jamie along with his sadistic power trip. Can’t wait to watch Jamie end him in S3…


So much in this shot…

Dougal watching the flogging as Brian approaches

oops one extra looking at the camera…   Brian horrified.  

Poor Jamie


(I do love this outfit though ?)

The awkward dinner before Quarter Day

“Would you like a stuffed cabbage, Claire?”

The drunken laird…

And the hungover fight with Jenny… “I don’t have to discuss the running of it with my sesterrrrrrr!”

“Beggin’ your pardon Laird Broch Tuaroch”

Jamie is his cheery self, making sure there will be decent bannocks at his wake (even with the hangover)…

That’s cold

and then he rivals Ethan Hunt at breath holding to avoid the bad guys…

“Gaelic expletive” 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this part, so…

There’s that logo again, right on Jamie’s rump roast.

“Jenny would ye please turn around before my cock snaps off!” 

And then Jenny sees BJR’s handiwork…

There were cheeks in this shot, but come on, enough is enough!

Ian gives Claire advice about being marrit to a Fraser

and Claire gives Jamie a talkin’ to, that leads to the beautiful scene at fahther’s grave…


Here again, is why we love Jamie… he admits when he’s wrong, and he loves not only his wife, but his sister and his family fiercely but tenderly also…




And then, the final sigh scene, everyone is back in line, Claire is feeling at home, life is good, and Jamie tells Claire the moment he first wanted her…



which was this moment…

and the moment he first loved her, which was this one…



Is it getting hot in here? whoo… OK so, we all know it ends with Jamie with a gun to his head, but I prefer to end on the above shot :).


Here’s Ron with an inside look at episode 112:

And finally, here is Steven Cree talking about his wooden leg (which he later named Charles) and cabbages. But another remarkable thing here is that he seems to have temporarily forgotten how to pronounce Cait’s name ? To see this whole video, CLICK HERE.

That’s it for this week’s episode. Thanks for visiting.

15 comments on “Season 3 Countdown… Ep 112 Lallybroch Highlights, Photos & Other Fun Stuff

  1. Absolutely enjoyed watching the interview with Steveb Cree, he’s just great and I love his scottish accent.

  2. The show is so well done. Love, love it!!
    Can’t wait for Season 3. It’s so nice to
    watch all the reruns. “Outlander” is the
    best show I ever watch. Never a dull moment,
    and lots of caring, loving scenes. Thank You.

  3. Once again thank you Courtney. I love all your recaps. I save them all so that I can read them again and again.

  4. Thank You so much for exploring each episode after Friday night viewing and showing recap video and I love ur comments and the extras from Ron Moore and Steven Cree’s video which I did not see before.

  5. Great Highlights!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I agree with you on BJR sticking his finger in Jennies mouth…I would have bit it off!! Yucky!! I loved the pic’s and highlights you chose!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and great, great commentary. This is one of my favorite episodes for all the reasons you have mentioned. So many things were packed into this episode. I’ve watched it over many times. Very important events of the past of each of the characters is revealed throughout the episode and they each grow in such depth, as well as, understanding of each other during the episode.

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