Countdown to S3: Ep 113, The Watch: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Highlights and More

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This week’s re-run is episode 113, The Watch, written by Toni Graphia, and directed by Metin Hüseyin. I remember reading that Sam particularly enjoyed shooting scenes from this episode…

In the tweet above, which comes from a Twitter Q&A from September, 2014, just before the season finale for the first half of Season 1, (, so I don’t have a link for you!), Sam mentions working with new characters. One character he refers to is that of Taran MacQuarrie played by Scottish actor Douglas Henshall. 


Sam and Douglas met again at the 2016 BAFTA Scotland awards, when both were nominated for best actor in a television series. Douglas won for Shetland. See full coverage of that HERE.

 It’s common knowledge that the cast loved working with Metin, whom I “know” from Twitter. Intelligent, witty, silly and fun, he’s obviously a great director as well. A fan reposted this throwback photo by Matt Roberts not long ago, and Metin’s quip is par for Metin…
Photo: Matt Roberts; Matt’s caption was “Esteemed director”
In reply, Metin says, “In every picture of me, I’m having a quiet fart”
The Watch was the first episode that Metin directed, followed by the one we’ll see next weekend, The Search. Then he did the season opener for Season 2 (which I think is BRILLIANT), as well as the next two eps in S2: Not in Scotland Anymore and Useful Occupations and Deceptions. He also directed Best Laid Schemes, and Faith, (again, utter brilliance).

He has since remarked that his time with Outlander is over; I’m not sure the exact reason for that, but I know I (and many others) love his work. And it’s my impression that the actors loved working with him.

Anyhow… here are my highlights from Episode 113…

I like that Jamie says he’ll “…ram that gun down MacQuarrie’s gullet…” if he misfires.
That’s the Jamie we know and love.

Jenny’s so good, as always, and the two of them together… I love pretty much any scene with Jenny…

and any scene with Jenny and Jamie. Sam and Laura are very believable as siblings.

Wee Maggie “kicking like a mule on fire.”

Jamie is not happy with any of it. 

MacQuarrie says he doesn’t remember Jamie (I think Douglas Henshall did a fine job in this role, by the way). 

And these guys, love to hate them, excellent job playing complete arseholes… the guy on the right fits the “hatchet face” description Diana gave Murtagh in the books (very happy they cast Duncan instead of him for Murtagh!)

Jamie has daggers for the lot of them over dinner.

And this scene… I have to give this actor kudos, he does a great job of being a slime ball…

“F-I-R-E… F-I-R-E…”


Jamie only has so much patience, after all lads.

(and there’s the Starz logo…)

One of the main highlights for me of this episode is the time taken to grow the relationship between Claire and Jenny. I like that they did laundry together, and I love all of the labor and birthing scenes. So much bonding here.



(Starz logo again!)

I love this shot with Jenny’s belly in silhouette. This bit is almost straight from the book and is very beautiful.  

“That’s what they want sometimes, you know, they want to come back..”

“I’m going to have to reach inside and guide it out.” 
“Alright, but you’ll be fetching me a good stiff dram before we start.”
“In that case the baby will likely be drunk too.”
“Then he’ll come into the world a true Scot.”


And here’s the famous cart mending scene… 


You boys’ll need to be washin’ your hands for dinner and I’d be downright pissed if I got these shirts on laundry day…

Here’s Steven Cree talking about the cart mending scene…    (For full interview: Steven Cree )


That scene shows up on the blooper reel. I’d like to see what faces Sam is making at Steven here, actually.  (For full gag reel: S1 Gag Reel)

And here’s a clip from that extended scene that was deleted…

This sequence is beautiful, in which Claire admits to Jamie that she probably can’t have children. We watch him process what she’s saying; we see his shock, then her pain and vulnerability, then his decision that she is most important, he comforts her, followed by his own shock.





And then Horrocks, that Irish blackmailer. This was a good suspenseful scene, (even though I have a hard time buying that Ian could sneak up on Horrocks without being detected, he’s a wee bit noisy…?).

You had it coming Horrocks.

If you weren’t sure if that was an exciting scene, the logo lets you know that…

Poor Ian was a little shaky

“Wipe the blood off first… Ian!”

And then good old Jamie realizes Ian is having a wee bout of PTSD, so he helps him out. This man shows up for his loved ones, I tell you.

  Here’s an extended deleted scene from that bit…

Meanwhile, back at the multi day breech labor (one of my babies was turned sideways, and oh the back pain!)…

more contractions, and we meet Sawny.

Hatchet face and his friend are making rude comments about how noisily Jenny is laboring, when Jamie and Ian walk in looking like two cats who’ve eaten canaries.


I have to give Steven Cree props, he made it up those steps in short order on that peg (Charles).

And the “Where’s Horrocks” game ensues. Great lines by writer, Toni Graphia, and well executed by Douglas Henshall.

“I ran him through.”

So Jamie goes on the raid in place of Horrocks; in farewell, Claire presents Jamie with Sawny and this sweet goodbye scene happens…

There are some lovely nuances in the full scene; I particularly like the use of slow mo at the end, harkening back to Claire’s last farewell to Frank. A bit of foreshadowing.




Jamie is pretty happy to be out. It’s kind of like a guys’ trip actually…


Meanwhile the girls’ weekend is getting intense

“That’s right, damn me…” Claire is a good sister-in-law

Breech labor in the 1700’s basically sucks

Claire is a DAMN good sister-in-law

Laura Donnelly actually had her first baby between Seasons 2 and 3. I hope to goodness she had a better labor than Jenny did with Wee Maggie!

The guys arrive at their raid spot…

and Jamie realizes 

just a moment or two too late 

“There’s no way out” 

Great dramatic effect with the music and cinematography

Wee Margaret Ellen Murray finally comes into the world 

feet first

“A lass ye say?”

And just like that, the bond is cemented between Jenny and Claire


There seem to be so many artful shots in this episode. I don’t know to whom that is attributable, the director, the cinematographer, a combo? But it seems to be true.

The Waiting…

Mrs. Crook…

The gift…

The kiss… a very uncharacteristic thing for Claire to do. She really loves Jenny. 


And the ending… bloody Ian shows up with Hatchet Face’s friend.

This is a very theatrical shot, with everyone looking at Claire, and the ash falling from the fire.



And that’s the end of another great episode.

Here is Ron with an inside look at Episode 113…


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  1. One of the best shots in the episode was the way they catch the light on Jamie’s face as he’s saying goodbye to Claire. Gave me chills and made me love him even more!

    • They seem to flash the logo during particularly attention getting scenes. It means marketing, that’s all

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