Episode 306: A. Malcolm Podcast with Matt, Maril and Toni (incl. discussion of Bree photos scene)

Love that they’re drinking 20-year-old whisky for this! Get the inside scoop on Episode 306 from the Executive Producer team: Matt, Maril, and Toni, on a rare occasion when they’re all together. 

I think it’s important to remember, as I listen to these guys talk about this episode, and listen to the quality of their voices – this is their baby. They really care about this story, the characters, and all of the people involved, (including us). We, as fans need to remember that. It’s OK to feel any way we do, but we need to remember that their hearts are attached to this work and to be thoughtful and skillful in what we say and write.

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4 comments on “Episode 306: A. Malcolm Podcast with Matt, Maril and Toni (incl. discussion of Bree photos scene)

  1. Brilliant episode. Thank you for the podcasts, as well! I don’t usually drink so deeply of most television, but this show invites rewatching, revisiting and reflecting. (Most shows don’t warrant a second watch–I perceive more subtleties with subsequent viewings of Outlander episodes.)

  2. Thank you for reminding us that everyone involved in this project are involved heart and soul. It is their “baby” as you say. I absolutely appreciate their interpretation for this medium and I love all the discussion (well the constructive, thoughtful discussion not the accusatory sort) around it because it all helps me look from angles I’m not naturally inclined to. I often miss the book story but understand that there is no way to do the books in this limited format so am intrigued as I see how it is retold for our viewing pleasure.

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