Episode 110 Highlights, Deleted Scene, Outtake, and a Wee Impression…

As many of you know, Starz is showing one episode per week of Season 1 and then Season 2, as a lead up to the Season 3 premiere date in September. Tonight’s episode was 110: By The Pricking of My Thumbs, memorable for many reasons, not the least of which is that opening scene… Wowza.

In fact, this episode is so packed with action, twists and turns, I really enjoyed watching it again. Highlights for me were, well, the opening scene, the slap, Arthur’s gassy scene, the changeling, the Duke of Sandringham, Arthur’s death scene with the looks flying between Geillis, Dougal, Colum, and Claire, the duel…  

In this deleted scene from Ep 110, Jamie explains to Claire what a “second” in a duel is and reassures her that there’s nothing to worry about…

Video: Starz via Outlander Italy

Here’s another gem: this clip is from my interview with Àdhamh O’Broin last year; he does a wonderful impression of the Duke of Sandringham using a scene from the duel in Ep 110… ?

Of course, after the duel many lewd remarks are exchanged, and a sword fight ensues between Jamie and the MacDonalds. And then there’s the famous scene in which Claire is angrily sewing Jamie’s wound up, and accidentally sews Sam instead of the prosthetic, captured here in the Season 1 gag reel…

There’s Gary Lewis’s amazing performance as the commanding Colum MacKenzie reprimanding Dougal and Jamie, and one of my all time favorite Dougal lines is in this ep: when he tells Jamie to kiss his bride goodbye and then follows that up with: “I said kiss her dinna swallow her….”

If you didn’t catch the episode tonight, you can always go back and grab it from Starz on demand. Only 18 more to go until S3! ?  

*Correction- thanks to Marsha for keeping me honest. I finished this post at 1:00AM my time and my math was OFF; that’s 19 more episodes to go…?

15 comments on “Episode 110 Highlights, Deleted Scene, Outtake, and a Wee Impression…

  1. You’re writing about the deleted scene from Ep. 110 but there isn’t one. Did you forget to insert? Would love to hear Jamie’s explanation about the duel.

  2. I believe there is 19 more episodes left before season 3. Six more in the 1st season and 13 in the 2nd season.

    • Haha you’re right. It was 1:00AM my time when I finished this, my math was faulty! I have updated that info, Thank you!

  3. Wonderful post, as always! And great to see the outakes again!

    At the very end of the outtake in which Jamie is complaining about the cool reception they’ve just received from Colum, he mutters something in Gaelic as he stomps out of the room and and Claire retorts, “I know what that means.” She starts with a strong and angry emphasis on “know” but Sort of peters out by the time she gets to “means.” Here I think Cait has perfectly captured the nuances of starting to say something in anger and then realizing that either she’s coming across as petulant, and unsympathetic, or Jamie has left the room, so what’s the point in finishing the sentence. It would’ve been easier, and more “dramatic” to yell, I KNOW what that MEANS!! One more in many examples of Cait’s ability to capture how people actually convey complex emotions in real life. A truly stellar actress!

  4. OMG! Thank you for the info regarding the episodes. I now know which Sunday in September to stay glued to the TV. 🙂

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