OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 501 ~ The Fiery Cross

Photo: Jamie and the fiery cross, Ep 501, Starz

We’re baaaaack! We did this discussion last Tuesday to “clean out our lugs,” and get ready for Season 6; boy am I glad we did! It’s been a while and my post production systems all needed some tweaking. There may have been some cursing along the way. 

We discuss Episode 601 on Tuesday evening, and I’ll have that out to you ASAP. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it!!  

Droughtlander is officially over!!



Be sure and catch my First Thoughts on Ep 601 & London Premiere Red Carpet Video…

For all my posts about Seasons 6 & 7 as well as Bees, go to the Featured Favorites section.

Have a fantastic Tuesday! xo

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19 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 501 ~ The Fiery Cross

    • We will do that one tonight! We get it at the same time you guys do & need a little time to digest before we discuss. Out tomorrow if all goes well 🤞🏽.

  1. Yeah!!!! So happy you’re back. Looking forward to all the lively discussions…cursing and all!

  2. Good morning! It’s great to be back reading about new episodes.

    Will you also be providing a link to the script as you’ve done in the past?

  3. I started watching this last night until a storm caused a power outage and I fell asleep to you, Karmen and Antoinette laughing at Murtagh”s poor positioning on Jocasta! This morning you all joined me at breakfast! Listening to you lasses, in a world filled with pain and turmoil, Outlander, Diana’s words and the camraderie one forms appreciating her gifts act as balms for my soul.

  4. So good to listen to you ladies again, and hopefully Catherine as well next time 🙃 .. Bring on season 6!!
    The first episode really did lay down the foundations for what is to come…🤪
    You mentioned a few times about Matt and a podcast…. do you know where I could listen to these?
    Welcome back ladies….🥰🤩

  5. Thank you, thank you. I have been waiting since episode 501 first aired for this and you guys did not disappoint. I truly appreciated seeing you all again but did miss Cathy.

    I agree that Matt truly seems to have the ability to adapt large amounts of material in coherent enjoyable ways. I think you are right Courtney, he is the one person in the writer’s room who truly knows this story and these characters.

    Karmen I could not agree more about the Jamie scene at the trunk and then calling the men. I thought is was so very powerful.

    This was a beautifully shot episode with beautiful costumes and the sets were truly amazing.

    I rewatched all the episodes in this last year. I think with the exception of a few episodes, Outlander will become a classic series that people continue to return to. It offers so very much. I only wish that they could have maintained consistency in the writing room and with directors.

    I’m truly looking forward to the groups take on episode 601. I know it will be another enjoyable session with my favorite vloggers.

  6. Great to see you all (missed Dr. Cathy). Wonderful reflections on Ep 501, one of my favorites. Pretty sure 601 will also be a go-to when re-watching. I could write a single-spaced, double -sided essay on 501, but I’d be mirroring what you lasses already presented.

    Your discussions enhance the enjoyment of the Outlander experience.


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