OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday: The Gang

Photo: The Highlanders: L to R: Steven Cree, Sam Heughan, Duncan Lacroix, Graham McTavish, and Stephen Walters (out of frame: Gary Lewis & Grant O’Rourke), August, 2016.

Tuesday’s favorite photo comes to you on Wednesday this week…. Looking back to August, 2016, this was the first Starfury Highlanders convention, and this table full of trouble was judging a costume contest. 

I don’t have a specific filming update, but I do know that Season 4 is set to wrap filming in the end of June, which is fast approaching. 

I hope you are all well xo


PS You are welcome to save and enjoy this photo. If you decide to share it, please include the watermark, and/or photo credit, much appreciated!

6 comments on “OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday: The Gang

  1. All my favourite people. Love the photo. A real bunch of handsome men there. I really miss Dougal, Angus, Murtagh, Rupert. Of course, no one can replace Sam as Jamie. So Awesome. Thank you for sharing this photo with us.

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