OutlanderBTS: Fave Photo Tuesday: Duncan Lacroix & Happy Bday Stephen Walters

Photo: Duncan Lacroix at Starfury Convention 2016


I love this photo of Duncan, because it captures his substantial inner light. I can’t wait to see more of him in Season 4!

A very happy birthday to the wonderful Stephen Walters who turns 43 today (May 22nd). I looked for a photo of Stephen for Fave photo Tuesday in honor of his birthday, but couldn’t find one I love. So, here’s our birthday guy with our favorite photo guy…

I hope this Tuesday finds everyone well xo

8 comments on “OutlanderBTS: Fave Photo Tuesday: Duncan Lacroix & Happy Bday Stephen Walters

  1. Love this photo of Duncan. Thank you for sharing. And Happy Birthday to the wonderful Stephen Walters! I hope it was a great one. This is another terrific and fun photo of Duncan and Stephen. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Thx for the photo. As you say Duncan has this inner light. Totally agree. There is something special about him. Yes Sam is beautiful and a great actor but it is Duncan that ‘moves my heart forward’. I’d like to know more about him, his personality and what makes him tick. Also like Stephen of course, he seems so wild.

  3. Happy Birthday to Stephen Walters!
    I hope everyone saw the new season (4) of Shetland (on Britbox online if you’re not in the UK). Stephen Walters has the pivotal role this season and there’s some serious acting going on! He’s very moving. For those who don’t know Shetland, Douglas Henshall (Tarran McQuarrie from the watch in Outlander) has the lead in Shetland. Terrific show. Binge it during the Outlander drought. First three seasons on Netflix.

    Always happy to see Duncan’s lovely smiling face!

    • I agree 100% and recommend watching Shetland which by the way Bill Paterson also had a guest role as Shetland’s James Perez-Jimmy’s father (Ned Gowan in Outlander).

  4. Court, your posts are so delightful. Must have my cuppa java while reading them on my PC. there so real & folksy & just like having a visit from you.


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